Seahawks Betting Favorites against Giants on NFL Week 7

Seattle Seahawks Betting Favorites against New York Giants on NFL Week 7

Online sportsbook betting players who backed the New York Giants in their Week 6 matchup against the Denver Broncos found themselves cashing in on some pretty lucrative odds. The Giants had been winless up until that point and top sportsbook sites around the web were giving them some pretty lopsided odds. In the end, New York managed to shock both Denver and the entire online NFL betting community with a 23-10 triumph over one of the best defenses in the NFL. Looking over the odds online football bookmakers are giving the Giants in their Week 7 matchup versus the Seattle Seahawks, it’s clear that sportsbooks were greatly impressed by New York’s performance this past Sunday. Take a look: Seattle Seahawks -4 (-110) total 40 (-110).

Betting Seattle

The Seahawks fly into this weekend’s contest sporting a 3-2 record that ranks the franchise 2nd in the NFC West. To everybody’s surprise, the Los Angeles Rams are currently leading the West – thanks to their impressive 4-2 record. The Seahawks very much appear to be the same as last season’s squad; a top-tier defense coupled with a mediocre offense. In fact, other than the Hawks’ game against the Colts (where they managed to break the mold by putting up 46 on Indianapolis) Seattle hasn’t scored more than 20 in a single game. The Seahawks two losses of the season have come against the Green Bay Packers and the Tennessee Titans, while they have managed to triumph over the San Francisco 49ers, the Indianapolis Colts and even the Los Angeles Rams this past weekend.

That win against the Rams was huge. Had Seattle lost, they would be pretty far behind the Rams in the divisional race. The Rams have had a pretty consistent offense this season but the Seahawks’ Pro Bowl filled secondary once again proved their dominance by holding them to 10 points. This Sunday that group will be going up against the NFL’s 29th worst scoring offense and 19th worst passing attack. Considering the kind of season Eli Manning has been having so far, online sportsbook players should expect a low scoring game this weekend. And considering how low-scoring of an offense the Hawks have themselves, the under line is inarguably the best sportsbook bonus to take advantage of for Week 7’s action.

Betting New York

The Giants come into this game with a 1-5 record that ranks them last in the NFC East. The East is shaping up to be one of the toughest divisions in pro football with the Eagles leading the race at 5-1. The 3-2 Redskins aren’t far behind and the 2-3 Cowboys are still in it as well. It goes without saying that New York will need to rack up a couples of Ws before they area to become contenders in the NFC East. This past Sunday’s win against a team like the Broncos could certainly end up being the spark that ignites a long win streak that will take New York into the playoffs. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Eli Manning and Co. accomplished that sort of thing. All things considered, there’s not that much value on a New York upset this Sunday. Stick to the totals line on this one.

Online Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Seattle Seahawks -4 (-110) 40 (-110)         -205

New York Giants +4 (-110)  40 (-110)         +172