Quarterbacks to watch in NFL Preseason Week 3

NFL Preseason Week 3 Quarterbacks

With the NFL season only a few days away, there are still three teams that have yet to decide on who to start as quarterback. Online sports books are taking bets on who will fill these places and those in the know are about to profit big. It is not just this place that teams are uncertain about but many other teams in the league are struggling to fill positions that they are vitally weak in.

Without having a quarterback in place before the season starts is a huge gamble. It will mean the player will have to have the quality to quickly learn the team’s tactics and bond fast with their new teammates. If the team picks the right one it can pay off big, but choosing the wrong one and the season can be over fast. Depending on which quarterback the teams decide on will decide their online betting odds.

Below we take a look at the three top teams who are yet to choose which quarterback to start the season with:


The Broncos original plan was to replace Peyton Manning with Mark Sanchez but they are having doubts that he has the ability needed to help them be crowned Super Bowl Champions again. Trevor Siemian is playing well at the moment and head coach Gary Kubiak could decide to go with him instead of Manning.

Siemian is not as prone to making mistakes and his turnover rate is excellent. Sanchez has made many errors which have plagued his career due to plays that have cost the team a turnover. It is rumored that the Broncos are considering bringing in Paxton Lynch from the 49ers. He is a rookie but has shown bags of potential and the extra competition should bring the best out in the players competing for the quarterback spot. Online betting sites have Sanchez as the favorite to start the season.


The Rams traded up for Jared Goff as their number one pick.There are not too many changes expected this season so the running offense should be Case Keenum. So far, Goff has not performed well in preseason and is out of tune with the receivers. He is being caught by the pass rushers and needs to adjust his game quickly if he is going to be a success this season.

If Goff does not improve he will be quickly replaced by Keenum. His experience will help steady the team until either Goff improves his game or they will be forced next season to find another replacement.


With the season so close it is a huge surprise that the 49ers are in such a mess in regards quarterbacks. Their main star quarterback has been sidelined through injury for coming up to two years. He is expected to get a run out in the last preseason game to see if he has fully recovered. Online sports books have him as the favorite to start the season but it will be a miracle if he survives it without getting yet another injury.