Predicting NBA Playoffs: Western Conference

  • by Matt Stevens
  • February 14th, 2016
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The Old wild west has got nothing on how the Western Conference is looking in the NBA, and the top betting sites are anticipating the excitement to heat up on the second half of the season after the All-Star break. The Golden State Warriors are the overall favorites but the Spurs and the Thunder, two other fantastic teams that are title contenders in their own right, are following them closely behind. The playoff projections anticipate the Warriors coming out on top, but will they continue their record seeking pace or will we see a resurgence from any of the teams in the below standings?

There are really very few adjectives to fully describe how the Golden State Warriors have been all season. They are chasing the elusive record that Jordan and the Bulls accomplished back in the 90s, all at the same time, wowing fans every time that they take the court. They appear to be headed at the very least to 70 wins this season. And top betting sites hold them as favorites to beat that record as well.

Perhaps the only true obstacle in the Warriors path to back-to-back tittles are the San Antonio Spurs. Much like Joe Frazier would have been given enough props if he didn’t have fought during the same time Muhammad Ali, the Spurs would be the talk of the town if they were playing like this on any other season. The Spurs are the second favorite team the overall in the NBA to win the World Championship by most of the top sportsbooks online. Their amazing season is being eclipsed by Golden State’s historic run.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are on third place in the Western conference and they are reaching a critical point in their short history. At the All-Star Break top betting sites hold them as the 4th best team in the NBA currently and outsiders to make it all the way with the World Championship. While Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are still leading this team, they are both reaching a point in their contracts that could very well placen both superstars on different teams in hopes to finally win the NBA tittle. This season is their final chance of awarding one of the most exciting and talented team in the past decade with Championship rings.

At the end, when the dust settles, it seems that there is really not much that could keep the Warriors from making this season a legendary one. Currently the odds that top betting sites have for them to be the champs is +350. Frankly, that would be a smart and safe bet.