Possible Sleepers for the Sweet Sixteen

  • by Andrew Scofield
  • March 22nd, 2016
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As we brace ourselves for two very crazy days of College Hoops, the title picture for the Sweet Sixteen has two teams favored by the best betting sites on the web. However, if you are feeling bold and are thinking that there could be some possible upsets to make it to the Elite Eight and even possibly the grand stage at Houston, there are a couple of teams that should be on your radar.

North Carolina and Kansas are the default favorites to make it to The Final Four and face each other on the Finals. Both teams have a strong squad and a somewhat clear shot of making it to the final stage. Perhaps a step below is the Virginia Cavaliers, who with Michigan State gone from the tournament, have a somewhat easier path to the Final Four. These three teams appear in all top sportsbooks as secure locks to make it to the next round. But they are not in the clear yet.

The best betting sites around the web, as well as many experts on the media, consider that the fourth #1 seed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen, Oregon, is not likely to make it past this round. The Ducks will face Duke in one of the most interesting matchups of the tournament so far, and it places Oregon against a very talented rival. Offensively, Duke has been great on the tournament so far, with a great combination of both Grayson Allen and Brandon Ingram. Although they might struggle to rebound and slack a bit on defense, the Blue Devils system is the most comfortable against teams that play tactics similar to the Oregon Ducks. Oregon MUST be on point guarding Ingram and Grayson, and get as many rebounds as they can in order to avoid getting booted out. Duke’s chances don’t seem to stretch much after the Elite Eight, but they have a pretty good chance of at least getting rid of the last Pac 12 team on the tournament.

Even though they are not going to be entering the Sweet Sixteen as favorites in any of the best betting sites or other top sportsbooks, Indiana could set the tournament on fire if the upset North Carolina. The Hoosiers are marksmen that love to shoot the ball behind the three point line, while the Tar Heels are a team that go hard in the post, this contrast of styles will presents a scenario in which North Carolina might look vulnerable. If the Hoosiers manage to make it rain from three point land effectively, and keep up the tenacious D (Tribute!) North Carolina might be in for a shocking surprise.

Finally, one team that could be pulling a Randy Orton in the next round and delivering an RKO on everybody is Oklahoma. It is a bit unbelievable that a team with a roster with great talents like Buddy Hield, Isaiah Cousins and Jordan Woodard, is not considered to be a major contender. But Oklahoma has the talent and the chances of making it not only to the Elite Eight, but cracking the Final Four. They seem to be tougher than both Oregon and Duke, and when the Elite Eight comes around, they could see better odds in the best betting sites to reach Houston.