NFL Conference Championship Betting Cardinals vs. Panthers Line and Analysis

NFC Championshipg game Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers betting lineThe best sports books online hold are placing the favorite tag on the Carolina Panthers in the upcoming NFC Championship clash versus the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams are worthy of reaching this late stage in the playoffs, on one hand the Panthers have been the most note worthy, impactful team of the current season, and on the other hand the Cardinals have been great for quite a while now, and they are wanting to earn the respect of the entire league with a Super Bowl win. The line anticipates a tight game (-3) that could be decided on the final stretch of the game, with the over/under at 47. This could be one for the history book, both franchises are gunning to leave their mark, the Panthers want to repeat their 2004 trip to the big game, while the Cardinals want redemption after their 2009 loss versus the Steelers.

At the end of the regular season the Cardinals lost all of their three last games, but they still managed to avoid the Wild Card game. Then they faced the Green Bay Packers and after one of the most exciting games in the playoffs so far, they went to overtime, where they managed to beat one of the darling teams of the sports media. They prevented the dream matchup of Rodgers and Brady in the Super Bowl that seemly everybody was expecting since the beginning of the season, and was the favored encountered by most of the best sports books online and other sports betting sites. And all thanks to the awesome performances of Larry Fitzgerald and one Carson Palmer. The duo are expected to really put Carolina’s defensive unit to the test. They are not about to let them waltz into the Super Bowl that simply.

But as much of a great team as the Cardinals are, the Carolina Panthers are the best team in the NFL right now, period. Their journey this season has been a fantastic one to say the very least. They went from being a dark horse team, to the NFC bullies and sure contenders for the Super Bowl according to what most of the best sports books reviews are saying. More than a decade ago, the Panthers reached this instance versus the Eagles and won their only NFC championship, the franchise’s highest accomplishment. Fast Forward to 2016, they are on the verge of winning the NFC tittle once more and be on a position of serious chances of walking away with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Cam Newton leading the offense has given this team a flair and swagger that puts them as the current team to beat in the NFL, but on defense Luke Kuechly has been keeping this team strong and having a near perfect record. Arizona represents a serious threat to the Panthers, but they are not going to shy away from this challenge, especially when they are on the verge of capping off their best season ever.

So, this game will be emotional and a classic on its now right. There will be those who will be inclined to bet on the upset, but on this particular case. We just can’t see it happening. Cam Newton is in the best shape of his life and he will be the deciding factor at the end of this game. The best sports books online have been generous to the Cardinals by putting a 3 point line against them, because this game will be decided by at least one touchdown. Final score 31-24.