L.A. Lakers excited about young Talent

The young and talented Russell D’Angelo is very clear, all that is left is some renewed Lakers, and they to play well the players has to be motivated and open to learn, in this year that could be the last year of Kobe Bryant.

“At the fact of being around someone in your path, you can not do anything but become a better player and a better person,” said Russell, who left Ohio State University to be taken in the second round of the draft.

Along with Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson, two other wonders, Russell expects the season, which starts today, left alone in a generational change.

League Champions in 16 times, the Lakers have barely been out of the playoffs seven times in the history of the franchise, which began in Minneapolis in 1948. They have missed the playoffs in consecutive years twice, including the last two seasons , but they have never been out in three consecutive seasons.

For Bryant, 37, with five rings on his fingers, the question is whether his body can withstand the grind of the world’s toughest basketball.

For him; the number 3 in the historical table of scorers in the NBA, the playoffs access a transition team engaged in a thorough mark another milestone in his career. “I would not put limits on what we might be able, as there is much talent in this squad,” Bryant said.

There will be three games tonight: Hawks-Pistons, Bulls-Cavaliers (6 pm) and Warriors-Pelicans (8:30 pm), the Lakers start tomorrow against the Timberwolves at home.

While Kobe and the new Lakers are unknown, it is clear that the Warriors look revalidate and make clear to all who questioned the victory obtained last season.

In the fight for the ring 2015-2016 we can not forget the Lebron James and the Cavaliers, who renewed Tristan Thompson to provide continuity.