Expert Predictions Steelers vs. Chiefs Betting Analysis and Odds

AFC Divisional Playoffs Odds - Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs have looked great so far this 2017 online NFL betting season. The Chiefs kicked in the door for the 2017 online sportsbook betting season with a masterful upset over the New England Patriots. Not only did Kansas City upset the reigning Super Bowl champions, they blew them out of the water 42-27. Since then, the Chiefs haven’t looked back as they’ve stampeded every team to stand in their way. In fact, the closes finish Kansas City has endured was the 42-34 tally they enjoyed against the Houston Texans this past Sunday, beating their opponent by a total of 8 points. So when the Chiefs get set to travel to the Steel City to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, there isn’t a top sportsbook site on the globe that is picking them to win. Take a look.

Betting Pittsburgh

The Steelers need all the help they can get this Sunday. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh has been dealing with a massive spotlight over their franchise for well over a month now. The Steelers first stepped into the limelight when their team botched an attempt to display unity after President Trump called out the NFL over the anthem protests. Pittsburgh wanted to show a united front by having the team stay in the locker room, with the captains coming out and standing near the field with their hands over their hearts standing at attention. However, some variance in walking speeds forced one of the Steelers players to come out of the tunnel ahead of the rest of the captains. This lead to the now infamous shot of Pittsburgh’s entire team standing in the tunnel, with the lone player – who happened to be a former serviceman, standing by himself. The Steelers wanted to display unity but instead only added fire to one of the most divisive dialogues online sportsbook betting players have come across.

Furthermore, despite a considerable amount of time passing since that Sunday, Pittsburgh still manages to remain engulfed in controversy. In an effort to show a united front, the Steelers left some of their players disenfranchised. This feeling only snowballed the following week when Pittsburgh faced AFC North rivals Baltimore. Specifically, Antonio Brown, threw a tantrum on the sideline that only brought more attention to the team and resulted in Roethlisberger calling out his star receiver.

That was all fine and dandy until Roethlisberger threw 5 picks this past Sunday in the Steelers’ 30-9 loss to the Jaguars. Calling out a player to only turn around and lose a football game does not bode well. And the way Roethlisberger conducted himself in his post-game press conference left many US sportsbook fans wondering whether it was time for him to hang up the cleats. Ultimately, this is relevant because Pittsburgh needs to bring their A-game in order to stand a chance of beating Kansas City. But with controversy looming over this franchise, how can Pittsburgh possibly be at 100%?

Betting Kansas City

At 5-0, there’s not much that needs to be said about the Chiefs. Kansas City currently wields the best offense in the entire NFL. Kareem Hunt has been a large part of the Chiefs’ success, giving them the 2nd best total offense in the NFL as well as the 2nd best running game. With Hunt in the backfield, quarterback Alex Smith is enjoying an unprecedented amount of success through the air: the Chiefs are No. 9 in the NFL passing the ball.

Online Sportsbook Betting Lines and Odds:

Pittsburgh Steelers +4 (-104)         47 (-110)         +180

Kansas City Chiefs -4 (-116)           47 (-110)         -215