Early Predictions for the 2016 Kentucky Derby

Ok, the first Saturday of May is still a bit away and the official odds haven’t been posted yet on the majority of top Sportsbooks, online horse racing sites and other gambling sources. But ever since the early bird catches the worm, it is a smart play to get the knowledge and get ready for the possible top contenders to bring in the big bucks for those lucky bettors. Here are some facts that you must know before laying down some action in the most popular and notorious horse racing event of the year.

The overall favorite to win it is going to be Mohaymen. Handled by the trainer duo of McLaughlin and Alvarado, this horse as all the makings of a winner. Although, many might still have their doubts when it comes to picking Mohaymen, there is a growing amount of racing insiders in top Sportsbooks penciling him as the future winner.

The other horse that is gathering a lot of attention is Nyquist. Currently going strong as undefeated after winning in Florida, he will be also a strong favorite among those Kentucky Derby participants. This Three year-old colt has had an impressive run of 7 consecutive wins, and appears to be gearing to aim for the Triple Crown.

So why are we picking Mohaymen instead? The reason is because, despite coming in 4th in the Florida Derby, Mohaymen is shown great stamina that will fare just fine in the coming Kentucky Derby. Also, Mohaymen has raced fantastic in important races such as the Remsen, which it won in great fashion, making its case as a great pick for top Sportsbook users.

The third horse that you must know is Cupid, a Tapit 3 year old Colt, that has been delivering in its past three races coming in second on its first and winning his latest two looking impressive enough for horse racing experts to pay attention to its performances as of late. Since it hasn’t raced as much as the other two mentioned horses, it becomes a risky potential wager. So for what it’s worth, proceed with caution.

Mohaymen and Nyquist, are going to draw most of the attention, undoubtedly. And up until we reach close to race time, the odds will likely favor Nyquist. This would leave Mohaymen with some interesting and attractive odds at top Sportsbooks for you to consider.

That misstep in the Florida Derby might make some bettors hesitate when it comes out to picking Mohaymen, but you can be rest assured that this horse is being trained by skillful hands. Kieran McLaughlin has yet to win a Kentucky Derby but, this year he will get his first one. He is a well known trainer that has an eye for prospects and knows how to groom them to be top contenders. The impressive work that he has done with Mohaymen might be is best yet.

When May draws near and the odds for the 2016 Kentucky derby are posted in top Sportsbooks, keep an eye for these horses. But, pay more attention to Mohaymen.