Best Sportsbook Bets to Make on 49ers vs. Eagles NFL Week 8

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles Odds, Analysis and Bets to Make
  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • October 27th, 2017
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The still winless San Francisco 49ers have managed to avoid the Colin Kaepernick controversy, or rather the protests of the national anthem, that seems to have engulfed the league. With some questionable comments made by Texans’ Owner recently, sports betting sites must talk about the situation sweeping across the NFL. The reason being the implications or even consequences that such gregarious comments could have on the world of online NFL betting and ultimately, players’ pockets.

For those out of the loop, the Houston Texans’ owner, Robert C. McNair, made some eye-widening comments at a recent meeting between league owners. These meetings had been brought about thanks to President Trump’s incessant attacks on the NFL and it’s unwillingness to take a firm stance against what he and many Americans perceive to be an affront to the sovereignty of the country and the image of its military. It was at these meetings, the 2nd of a 2-day planned dialogue, that McNair made these regrettable statements, using the phrase ‘We can’t have the inmates running the prison’.

While the phrase is a common expression, giving what the anthem protests are regarding, McNair should have exercised better discretion when speaking on such sensitive issues. As one would expected, NFL players – who are in vast part African American, have taken issue with this statement as well as a multitude of fans.

This is important for the best sportsbook players in the nation, as some have begun to expect a demonstration from players in response to such volatile comments. Specifically Houston, whose players were considering a walkout ahead of Friday’s practice. No demonstration has occurred and the head coach has stated that his team will play this Sunday. But why back a team that might not even be on the field?

But we’re not looking at the Texans today; instead we take a look at this Sunday’s matchup pitting the Niners against the Philadelphia Eagles. San Francisco’s owner has been very engaged with talks with his players so there’s no question his team will be on the field this Sunday. The same is true for Philadelphia.

Betting San Francisco

At 0-7, bookmakers aren’t favoring San Fran this Sunday and bettors shouldn’t either, even if there are some lucrative sportsbook bonuses available on the upset bet. Up until this past weekend, San Francisco had actually been pretty competitive in their matches and came close to winning a few. But in Week 7, the 49ers were smoked 40-10 by the Dallas Cowboys. Coming off such an embarrassing performance, there shouldn’t be too many bettors backing San Fran this weekend. Or, at least the best sportsbook players in the country will not be.

Betting Philadelphia

The Eagles have the winningest record in the NFL. Therefore the question isn’t whether or not the Bird will win this game but rather by how much? Sports betting sites are predicting a 13-point deficit but players should expect something higher. The Eagles are 5-2 against the spread on the season and that’s with them taking it easy. Furthermore, the Birds are averaging 28.4 points per game while San Francisco is putting up 17.6. That’s not exactly 10 points but you have to consider the competition Philadelphia has been facing this season. The Eagles have faced the Redskins twice, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers. Those rank amongst the top teams in the NFC. So it stands to reason that the Eagles will deliver a more lopsided result this Sunday. Ultimately you can cash in on a -102 payout by sticking to Philadelphia.

Best Sportsbook Betting Bonus:

San Francisco 49ers +13 (-118)       45 ½ (-110)     +534

Philadelphia Eagles -13 (-102)        45 ½ (-110)     -750