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2018 Super Bowl Odds and Props - First Player to Score
  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • February 3rd, 2018
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With the end of the NFL betting season in sight, US sportsbook players are making the best of the little time left. In less than a week, offshore betting players will be making their predictions on who will bolster the Vince Lombardi trophy, and there’s no question the vast majority of bettors will be backing Brady & Co. After all, Tom Brady has already beaten the Eagles once in the Super Bowl.

So, given what odds the best online sportsbook sites are given the Patriots in this year’s title match, should NFL bettors take New England over the Eagles? That’s a question for another day as we aim to look at Super Bowl LII prop betting lines in this article.

Prop betting is vastly different from your everyday sportsbook action. Instead of picking whether a player or team will win, cover the spread or even the totals, prop bets allow players to put action on wackier, more eccentric lines. The cool thing about prop lines is that they mix some lines that require skill with others that are purely based on luck. Offshore betting players can get a comprehensive, in depth look at Super Bowl LII’s prop betting action below by checking out the various lines and odds available.

Super Bowl LII Prop Betting Lines & Odds

Quarterback Comparison Lines

Most Passing Yards:

            Nick Foles -115                                 Tom Brady -115

Most Pass Completions:

            Nick Foles -115                                 Tom Brady -115

Most Rushing Yards:

            Nick Foles -120                                 Tom Brady -110

Most Passing Attempts:

            Nick Foles -115                                 Tom Brady -115

1st to Throw Interception:

            Nick Foles -175                                 Tom Brady +135

This is just a small sample size of the types of lines you can expect to see when betting on prop lines. Being the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sportsbook betting events of the year, there’s no question that NFL wagering sites are pulling out all the stops. Therefore, bettors can expect to see a surplus and wide variety of prop lines. Really, there’s a line for everything. Bettors just have to find a specific line that they’re comfortable taking. Below are various offshore betting options to get an adequate sample size from.

Warm Up Props

How will the Coin Land:

            Heads -115                                         Tails -115

Who will win the Coin Toss:

            Eagles -115                                        Patriots -115

Team to Receive Opening Kickoff:

            Eagles -115                                        Patriots -115

Will the Winner of the Coin Toss win Super Bowl LII?

            Yes -115                                             No -115

Touchdown Props

Longest Touchdown Scored Over/Under 44 ½ Yards?

            Over -115                                           Under -115

Shortest Touchdown Scored Over/Under 1 ½ Yards?

            Over +115                                          Under -145

Total Touchdowns by Both Teams (5 ½)

            Over -115                                           Under -115

Totals Props

Total Punts Made by Both Teams (8 ½)

            Over -115                                           Under -115

Total Quarterback Sacks by Both Teams (4 ½)

            Over -115                                           Under -115

Total Number of Los Fumbles by Both Teams (1 ½)

            Over +120                                          Under -150

Take heed, the above listed odds hail from More commonly known for their normal NFL betting action, is offering a vast and diverse lot of prop betting lines. Anywhere from quarterback prop bets to total prop betting, bettors can rest assured that they’ll find it over at Feel free to check out our sportsbook review on MyBookie in order to get a complete look at what this sports betting site offers.