Bengals vs. Vikings US Sportsbook Betting Lines, Odds, & Preview

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  • by Andrew Scofield
  • December 17th, 2017
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One of the biggest US sportsbook news of this weekend’s action is the return of Aaron Rodgers. This news impacts every team in the NFC but there’s no question that it affects the Minnesota Vikings more than anybody else. The Vikings share a division with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota will be looking to claim the NFC North title this season. All Minnesota needs to do is pull out a win in this Sunday’s Bengals vs. Vikings matchup. What kind of chances are the latest sports betting tips giving the Vikings this Sunday?

Betting Cincinnati

The Bengals pounce into this Week 15 matchup sporting a 5-8 record that ranks Cincinnati 3rd in the AFC North. This late in the season, the Bengals still have a mathematical opportunity of making the playoffs. However, that chance is so slim that Cincinnati might as well be eliminated from postseason contention. The Bengals enter this matchup riding a 2-game losing streak and are 2-2 in their last 4 overall. In all honesty, Cincinnati doesn’t have much to play for this Sunday. All they can strive to do is keep the Vikings from locking up the NFC North this weekend.

The Bengals don’t stand a chance straight up, but they might have a shot against the spread. The line is set somewhat high with an 11-point prediction. Granted, the Bengals did just lose 7-33 to the Chicago Bears. And there’s no denying that the Vikings are a much better team than Chicago. However, the Bengals have had some luck against the spread on the road this season, as they’re 4-2 ATS during away games. Granted, the Vikings are a stellar 5-1 against the spread at home themselves, so it’s a pretty decent matchup. Ultimately taking Minnesota on the spread isn’t half a bad idea either, as it offers a much more appealing payout than the odds US sportsbooks have given the Vikings straight up.

Betting Minnesota

The Vikings have steamrolled their way to a 10-3 record this season. Minnesota was the team that broke Rodgers’ collar bone earlier this season and it’s safe to say that the Vikings capitalized on the situation that injury created. Minnesota recently had their 8-game win streak snapped by the Carolina Panthers in a 24-31 losing effort. This was a big loss because the Vikings were on their way to claiming home field advantage throughout the playoffs. But now, fresh off that loss, Minnesota needs to win a few more to ensure they’ll make the postseason cut.

Luckily for Minnesota, they have a supreme statistical advantage over this Sunday’s opponent. The Vikings’ offense is currently putting up 23.8 points and 379.9 yards. This beats the 17.4 points and 20.8 yards the Bengals are putting up by a mile. Additionally, the Vikings have the statistical advantage on defense as well. At the present time Minnesota’s astute defense is allotting a slim 18.1 points and 310.5 yards. On the other hand, the Bengals are allotting 20.8 points on defense while giving up 364 yards. With these numbers in mind, players placing gambling bets online know Cincy doesn’t stand a chance against the leaders of the NFC North this Sunday.

US Sportsbook Betting Lines:

Cincinnati Bengals +11 (-114)        42 (-110)         +431

Minnesota Vikings -11 (-106)         42 (-110)         -575