Analyzing the QB Matchup at Super Bowl 50

When the best online sports books post the line for the over and under of the upcoming Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, the casual fan will give more attention to the QB duel between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. Manning has been a staple and one of the most recognizable players in the past fifteen years, he has reached what it could be his final Super Bowl and maybe even his final game. Cam Newton, on the other hand is reaching the Super Bowl for the first time and could be on his way of becoming one of the most popular and important Football players of his generation. This game could be the changing of the guard. Both men will have the eyes of the world focused on them.

When the Seattle Seahawks obliterated the Denver Broncos two Super Bowls ago, many thought that it was the last time Peyton Manning would reach the big game. That season he had a long display of wonderful performances that had the entire world convinced that the Broncos would walk all over the Seahawks defense. That Super Bowl, the Broncos got wiped out in a very one sided affair that was pretty much over by halftime. Two years later, Peyton is on the twilight of an illustrious career and just when no one gave him the chance of reaching the Super Bowl, with the aid of one of the most impressive defensive units in the past 10 years, he is getting one final shot at that second Super Bowl ring. Yet, when kick-off happens in Santa Clara, CA Manning and the Broncos will find themselves as the underdogs (+4.5) as per the estimation of virtually all of the best online sports books and most sports betting sites.

Super Bowl 50 has a lot of similarities, while vague, but still worth examining to the aforementioned Super Bowl XLVIII. In both games the best online sports books held the team with the best offense as the overall favorites to win the game. Those teams faced teams with exciting and very effective defensive lines. The Seahawks back then had the dreaded Legion of Boom, the Broncos have a defensive line that still doesn’t have a moniker that cool-sounding (and they definitely should, how about Wyld Stallyns? Where’s my 90s people at? Holla! …I’ll see myself out). In this occasion, Cam Newton takes the role of Manning back then. A QB putting up a performance for the ages, taking his team all the way to the big game. However in Cam’s storyline, he has several more years and more opportunities to try to go for more than one Super Bowl ring. Heck, we might still get next year that dream match between him and Tom Brady. The Panthers, if they continue playing like this year, they could be on their way of becoming the team of the decade.

Super Bowl 50 seems to be the grand stage to close out two very interesting storylines for two teams that reach the big game. However, Cam Newton and the Panther are the most likely to edge it out in the end. Can they close out a marvelous and memorable season?