2018 FIFA World Cup Group E Betting Odds and Analysis

2018 FIFA World Cup Group E Expert Predictions and odds

What happens when you do an online sports betting review of a 2018 World Cup group that includes Brazil? Brazil is the favorite country to win the overall tournament. It goes without saying that the Green-and-Yellow is also the fave to win its group. It almost makes the other three teams seem like an afterthought. Almost. But not quite. Brazil already established regional dominance by winning the CONMEBOL Round Robin. Now they’re looking to break their own record and become sixth-time World Champions. Meanwhile, Switzerland were UEFA Second Round winners. Costa Rica were CONCACAF Fifth Round runners-up. And Serbia were UEFA Group D winners.

Brazil -385

Do you know who is not impressed by any sports betting review making Brazil the biggest favorite? None other than the second-best football player ever. Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Aka Pelé. The best player ever is of course Diego Maradona. In case you were wondering. Which you shouldn’t have. “I have the utmost confidence in Tite’s ability,” Pele said. “My worry is about one thing; there are only a few days until the World Cup starts and we still don’t have the right team. Individually all the players are very good. But we’re not a team.” By that logic, the right team is a team that is a team. As opposed to a team that is not a team. But there is a point somewhere in there. Individually, they are weak like a single twig. But as a bundle, they form a mighty faggot. A faggot is a bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel, just in case. Look it up.

Switzerland +600

Kill the headlights and put it in neutral, ‘cause here come the Swiss. Pelé may think Brazil has difficulty coming together as a team, but he ain’t seen nothing. In Switzerland’s national football team, there are the ‘real Swiss’ and the ‘other Swiss.’ The ‘other’ being guys with not very Swiss-sounding names. Or very Swiss-looking visages. Such as Yvon Mvogo, François Moubandje, and Ricardo Rodriguez (not to be confused with Alberto del Rio’s personal announcer). Or Johan Djourou, Gelson Fernandes, and Breel Embolo. However, they have all been assimilated into the squad. The Swiss are, in that sense, kind of like the Borg.

Serbia +800

And do you know who agrees with any sports betting review giving Serbia little hope of World Cup success? Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. “I need [Nemanja] Matic to go on holiday so Switzerland to finish second,” the Portuguese head coach said. “I’m sorry Nemanja but you need a holiday.” That is such a crappy thing to say. Unfortunately for the Serbs, time will probably prove Mourinho right. Morally wrong but technically correct. The best kind of correct. In particular since he is assuming Brazil will finish first. Serbia has not reached the round of 16 since 1998. And they were playing as Yugoslavia at the time.

Costa Rica +1800

Did you know that terminally optimistic Costa Ricans call their country the ‘Central American Switzerland’? That raises a couple of questions. For example, does that make Switzerland the ‘European Costa Rica’? And more importantly, could Costa Rica usurp Switzerland’s theoretical second place finish? It would actually not be the first time Costa Rica finishes second behind Brazil in a World Cup group. Moreover, Costa Rica made their best performance in history by winning their group in 2014. That group consisted of three former World Cup champions; Uruguay, Italy, and England. Of course, as the recent England vs. Costa Rica friendly showed, a lot can change in four years.

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