2018 FIFA World Cup Group C Sportsbook Odds and Expert Predictions

World Cup Group C Betting Analysis and Picks

Do you know what the best betting websites call an Australian kiss? A French kiss down under. That is sort of, though not quite, what will happen when Les Coqs and the Aussies open Group C gameplay. France is of course the odds-on favorite to win that World Cup group. As such, they are expected to exert their dominance from the get-go. Rounding up the group are Denmark and Peru. The French were the UEFA Group A winners. The Danish were the UEFA Second Round winners. The Peruvians won the OFC v CONMEBOL playoffs. And the Australians won the CONCACAF v AFC playoffs. Judging from the way they qualified, there is an obvious gap between Europeans and non-Europeans. And their respective betting odds can’t but reflect that disparity.

France (-320)

The Frenchies are old school. As a matter of fact, they were the last World Cup winners of the 20th century. Head coach Didier Deschamps was, as a player, part of the group that won the 1998 World Cup. Now, as manager, he could bring France into the 21st century. Maybe not a lot people have thought about this, but there’s a lot riding for Deschamps. You better believe Zinedine Zidane is hoping his former national teammate craps the bed. Why else would he leave Madrid, if he didn’t have his sights set on managing the French national team? Maybe French President Emmanuel Macron “won’t touch” that job. But that’s a challenge Zidane would tackle head-on. Pun intended.

Denmark (+420)

Like France, Denmark achieved its best World Cup finish in 1998. The Danes reached the quarterfinals, where they lost to eventual runner-up Brazil. Denmark finished 8th overall. Denmark and France are the most successful teams in this group, and they should be able to keep it that way. Denmark’s calling card is midfielder Christian Eriksen. Eriksen is one of the most creative Danish players to come in a long time. In fact, he’s so creative, he just created a new human being. And then he immediately rejoined the team on Thursday after the birth of his son. We’ll have to check the best betting websites to see what the odds were on him having a boy. Eriksen missed Denmark’s goalless draw against Sweden over the weekend. Thus, he’s arrival couldn’t be more timely.

Peru +1000

When you think about Peruvian football, you think about the long-gone days of Teofilo Cubillas. That is, if you think about Peruvian football at all. Which you probably don’t. But you should. Why? Because the Incas are enjoying a Renaissance under the management of head coach Ricardo Gareca. Peru finished third at the 2015 Copa América. They also reached the quarterfinals of the Copa América Centenario Cup appearance since 1982. And the good news keep piling up for the Peruvians. After many twist and turns worthy of the most melodramatic telenovela, Paolo Guerrero was cleared to play in the World Cup. Peru’s captain and lead scorer had been banned for 12 months. Then six. Then 14. And a couple of days ago he was cleared of all wrongdoing. You have to understand. Munching on a coca leave in Peru is like chewing gum in the States. And now that Guerrero is out of, um, gum, he’s free to kick some ass. Perhaps that’s why the best betting websites give Peru better odds than Australia.

Australia (+1700)

The Australian government has joined the United Kingdom in a boycott of the 2018 World Cup. Them and Russia are not what you’d call BFFs. The Socceroos will still participate in the tournament. Given their odds, though, it’ll probably be as if they were never even there at all.

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