2016 MLB Betting Season Analysis

Baseball Experts Analysis Break 2017

The 2016 Season of Major League Baseball is finally here and, even though we are still a bit far away from it, we have your prediction for the World Series. If you are betting on top sportsbooks during the season, there are a couple of teams that you must keep an eye out as they will bring the excitement to the baseball diamond and to the best online betting sites out there. There are many interesting narratives that will develop all throughout the baseball year, but ultimately only two teams will reach the World Series and there will be only one champion. Who will it be?

Top sportsbooks have placed the favorite moniker to the Chicago Cubs. Let that sink in for a minute. You live in a world were the Chicago Cubs are considered the best team in baseball. Why? Because they are! This team were good last season and they might be better this year. The upper management in this Cubs organization has invested enough on this team, but they have done the smart thing, they focused on getting young talent and developing them to become stars. Their offense is good, and their defense has just gotten better. We might be in the threshold of a Cubs dynasty and them becoming the New England Patriots of baseball.

The other favorite team to win the pennant by top sportsbooks and other sports betting sites are the San Francisco Giants. Their management, following a strange tradition, have built a very strong team with the goal of contending once again for the World Championship. Last year the Giants had a some what disappointing season, but this year they are on a mission of returning to the forefront and regain back the pennant. Although it will not be as simple as that.

The defending champions Kansas City Royals, are not looked at by top sportsbooks insiders and other sports media experts as the favorites. Granted, they are used to it as they reached two World Series in a row and won the last one. They are still one of the best teams in MLB and will be very likely reaching the post season, it remains to be seen if they will have the same success as the past previous years. Mainly, their issue is that they are not as a strong team as they were last year, and despite having a fantastic playoff run last season, this team was completely overachieving. They might not have the same run this year.

So who will make it to the World Series? Well, this might come out as a surprise to some, but the Cubs will finally reach the World Series, and their rivals are going to be the Toronto Blue Jays. This Canadian team had a great post season run last year and they are still a pretty good group of talent that could reach the World Series this year. It will be historic, it will be epic, and in the end the Cubs will finally have their day.