2016 Liberty Bowl: Arkansas vs. Kansas State Betting Line and Predictions

AutoZone Liberty Bowl 2016 Odds - Kansas State vs. Arkansas PredictionsAccording to a widespread recognition by almost all top Sportsbooks and top online betting sites, this coming edition of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl might be a one sided affair. The Arkansas Razorbacks will come into this game with an almost overwhelming -12.5 line on their favor. While the big payback of a probable upset from Kansas State might be appealing to some dating online bettors, it seems at first as a bit far fetched to think that the Wildcats might edge out the Razorbacks. However both teams have had an up and down season. A Kansas State win might seem unlikely but not impossible.

Despite having a disappointing season, Most Top Sportsbooks hold the Arkansas Razorbacks as strong favorites on this game. The key weapons the Razorbacks can rely on this Liberty Bowl is their NFL bound running back Alex Collins. If Collins finds a way through the K-State defensive line, the Wildcats might be in for a long day. He could single handedly decide this game for the Razorbacks from early on, but if Kansas State could somehow neutralize Collins, they still will have to worry about their secondary line. The Wildcats are weak on pass defense and everybody in College Football knows it.

For Kansas State to win, several things must happen. First, their secondary has to play their best game of the season. Second, Alex Collins must be stopped from making big plays. Third, they will need to scape Arkansas’ Deatrich Wise Jr. Fourth, they must have a marksman precision on their passing game, as the Razorbacks’ secondary is their main weakness. And fifth and final, get comfortable and control their time and possessions, if the Wildcats can secure a lead and manage the clock the Razorbacks will grow desperate and that could spell disaster for them. These five points will be tough to accomplish but they are “do-able”, and Top Sportsbooks could be in for some large payouts if the K-State Wildcats accomplish them. The key Kansas State players that must be effect this game are Kody Cook and Morgan Burns. Cook has played both QB and Wide Receiver, and he has excelled at both positions, while Burns can provide excellent special team production and provide some big plays on defense.

The Liberty Bowl will be a high scoring game. We believe that a great talent like Collins will take center stage on a game like this and have his opportunity to shine. The Kansas State Wildcats will prove that their game is far stronger than the line posted on Top Sportsbooks everywhere would have us believe. Although the game will give hopes for an upset, it will come down to who can make the bigger plays, and the Arkansas Razorbacks have an advantage on that department. The final score will be: 37-28, Razorbacks on top.