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UFC 3 SIM Betting [Guide]

UFC 3 Simulation Betting, Where to bet, odds and more

At the onset of the coronavirus shutting down sports, gambling alternatives were sought. Online casinos had used sports SIMs in the past with modest success. Sports SIMs betting do offer results that mirror real life. With graphics and sounds that attract action. However, most gamblers ignored betting sports sims until COVID-19. Since the suspension of all sports gambling, fans have flocked to sports sims. And UFC 3 has emerged as one of the most popular choices.

What is UFC 3?

To begin with UFC 3 is made by EA Sports. Just like Madden NFL20, MLB The Show 20, and NBA2k20. UFC 3 is a popular video game in which actual UFC fighters are rated to perform the same way as real life. Because of such engineering UFC 3 Sim Betting resembles the actual UFC. Fighters that fans have followed and bet on for years will have similar results to real life. Which is a big part of the draw. UFC 3 attracts a large betting handle because of its realism.

Sportsbooks Offering UFC 3 SIM Bets

  • MyBookie – Best UFC 3 Virtual Lines Available
  • Xbet – Top UFC 3 Virtual Experience
  • BetOnline – Huge Bonus to Bet UFC 3 SIM

What Goes into UFC 3?

Account of every current UFC fighter listed in every class. From men’s flyweight through heavyweight along with women’s straw and bantamweight. Each fighter is rated in four categories. To show ratings are for striking, grappling, stamina, and health. A total of over 200 UFC fighters are created with these ratings. For example, there is Frankie Edgar. Edgar has ratings of 89 for striking, 91 for grappling, 94 for stamina, and 91 for health. Counter to that is Conor McGregor. McGregor rates 95 for striking, 86 for grappling, 89 for stamina, and 93 for health.

In an online betting Matchup between McGregor and Edgar those ratings mathematically clash. However, fans and gamblers don’t see those numbers calculate and merge into a blur. Instead they see brilliant graphics that make it look as if it’s an actual fight. Sounds of the fights are just what you would hear at an actual UFC broadcast. Virtual reality has never had more meaning than with UFC 3.

Commencing with those stunning audio and visuals is the attraction factor. Fans can bet on these UFC 3 bouts while watching them at the sportsbooks. It follows that the UFC 3 game design by EA Sports is of such high quality that handle increases. Even gamblers not fully into mixed martial arts are betting on UFC 3. Specifically, each fighter looks just like they do in an actual bout. The resemblances are incredible.

Anything is Possible

Following this are the endless matchup possibilities that come with a sports sim game. Consider the late great Bruce Lee. In UFC 3 Lee is fully rated and available for fights. As are other UFC legends of the past. This leads to the potential of great matchups of current champions fighting against former giants. In turn betting odds are set for matchups that are not possible in real life. Gamblers like that the odds that they see resemble real life.

How to Bet on UFC 3

Consider as an illustration current betting lines posted for UFC 3 fights at online sportsbooks. You simply search the menu for sports sims and click it. Next you click on the section for UFC 3 or UFC EA Sports 3 (depending on the sportsbook). From there you will see the gambling rotation matchups. These UFC 3 Sim Betting matchups look exactly the same as real life. As do the prices.

For example, you will see at 7:45 p.m. that Frankie Edgar faces Tony Ferguson. Ferguson is a -205 favorite. While Edgar is a +162 dog. At 8:15 p.m. ET Edson Barboza faces Conor McGregor. Barboza opened as a +127 dog. By contrast McGregor is a -160 favorite. Just make your pick, click, watch and enjoy the fight!

How to Handicap UFC 3

EA Sports has a UFC 3 website that posts all of the fighter ratings. Overall, this is a great handicapping guide. Additionally, keep in mind that the odds are based on the combination of fighter ability and public perception. Just like real life!

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