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With BetAnySports, take advantage of exclusive lottery deals unrivaled by any other provider.

Leading lottery online retailer BetAnySports provides offers that no other retailer can match. Play the Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, or Pick 5 lotteries in any state to get 90% payouts instead of 50% from local operators.

Play any state's Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, or Pick 5 lotteries

Open an account with us to get going right now.

Stay up to date on the newest lottery news, special offers, and winning accomplishments by following our newly redesigned Facebook, Instagram, and X social media profiles.

Pre-purchase lottery tickets to ensure you never miss a draw.

In terms of lottery convenience, BetAnySports reigns supreme. Buy all of your tickets for the entire month of Lotto in advance to avoid the last-minute rush to the store before your favorite drawing starts.

It’s the simplest method for both playing the lotto and increasing your winnings.

Be a Winner at BetAnySports - Play Lottery TodayPlay the Lottery on all platforms, from anywhere.

We provide a smooth lottery experience, enabling you to purchase lottery tickets from the devices of your choice and from any location. BetAnySports has created two device-specific optimized displays, Classic or Lotto, to ensure your gaming experience is as simple as possible.

Play Lottery on your Mobile from Any Location

Use our mobile-optimized Lotto view to play the lotto at home or on the go. Use our user-friendly interface to select your submissions step-by-step.

Lottery from your PC and Tablet

Enjoy our Classic view on desktop devices to view every one of your entries on a single screen. To go step-by-step, you can also switch to the Lotto view, depending on your preferred style of play.

Qualities of our Gaming Area

Numerous choices are available in our lottery room to make playing your numbers simple. To ensure you get the most out of it, become acquainted with its features!

Simply view all of your open tickets and apply a date filter.

Check the winning numbers with just a single click.

Organize your favorite number lists.

Examine previous lottery outcomes.

Make your profile unique.

Modify your choices and settings.

Provide us with straight feedback.

BetAnySports Lottery Payouts

Straight play, in which the winning numbers are drawn in the precise order they are drawn, yields the largest rewards at BetAnySports. Payouts range from $90,000 to $1 for any winning 5-digit number between 00000 and 99999 that appears in the precise order you choose.

If your selected digits appear in any order, the boxed play wins. We have a variety of boxed play options, and each one changes the payoff amount as indicated by the drop-down boxes below. A 3-way box, for instance, is a three-digit number that pays $300 to $1 and has two identical numbers. It can appear in any order.

Why use BetAnySports to play lotto?

Every day we try to go above and beyond for our clients. Because of this, BetAnySports is quite proud of maintaining our A+ rating as an operator. Our stellar reputation is expanding thanks to our lightning-fast payouts and 24-hour customer service, which guarantees that someone is always there to assist you.

Having been in the betting business for more than 20 years, we have a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t, which has shaped the community we provide for you. Our commitment to producing winning moments at every chance is ingrained in who we are as a team and in our players.

Play Lotto Pro at BetAnySportsFAQs

Where are my tickets?

Open the lottery section and select “My Tickets.” Be careful you apply the appropriate filters. To obtain tickets for today, choose “Today.” Use the “Pending Tickets.” filter to find forthcoming drawings.

What do the icons *, **, and OFF stand for?

Drawings with the symbols *, **, and OFF indicate that there are no Sunday drawings, weekend drawings, or any drawings today.

How should I proceed if I have a duplicate ticket?

A ticket must precisely match in terms of pick, hour, state, and amount, with a time difference of fifteen seconds, to be deemed duplicate. If it’s a duplicate, our lottery department will assist in checking your account and taking the required steps to guarantee that your money is returned to you.

Where are the winning numbers posted?

Kindly go to the “My Tickets” section and select the “Won Tickets” filter. To view the results, select the state and drawing date.

My lottery prizes have not yet been paid out. How should I proceed?

Each drawing is checked and graded separately by the Lottery Department. Your account should display the winnings after they have been graded. Please send any questions you may have to customer service via email, 24/7.

What would happen if there is more than one winner?

Every winner receives their due compensation, up to $100,000 per household per drawing.

Can I purchase more than one ticket at a time?

A maximum of 90,000 tickets may be purchased.

What is the ticket’s maximum payout?

Pick 2 – $90, Pick 3 – $900, Pick 4 – $9,000, and Pick 5 – $90,000 for each dollar spent.

If I win, what should I do? How can I get my reward?

For information on how to get your money paid out, visit our payout page.

Can I sign up to have the same numbers played on a regular basis?

Indeed! Go to our Favorites Section and enter the numbers you would like to play on a regular basis.

How can I find out if my ticket was selected?

Kindly go to the “My Tickets” section and select the “Won Tickets” filter. To view the results, select the state and drawing date.

Which lottery categories BetAnySports offer?

Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5 are available. There are no Fireball or variants available other than the Picks.

Are you able to offer Maryland?

We are sorry, but we do not currently provide lotteries from Maryland.



You can finish purchasing your tickets in this section. For all the details on this area, please refer to the

How to Play guide.

My Tickets

You can view your tickets in this section, whether they are pending or from previous drawings.

Additionally, you can look up the numbers that were drawn in prior lottery drawings by state or combination.

My Tickets Tab

Choose the desired ticket or tickets’ status.

Select the day when it happens or was held.

The date(s) search can be customized, and the results can be sorted alphabetically or by drawing time using the filters.

Ensure that the “Lotto Reward” selection is selected if the ticket or tickets you are seeking were purchased with your reward balance. If not, confirm that there isn’t a green checkmark on the Lotto award box.

There are two methods for examining the winning numbers from past lottery games:

Winning lotto numbers tab

Choose the state.

Select a date (only the last 30 days).

The winning numbers for the state and the chosen date will be displayed.

Checking the winning numbers tab

Pick the kind of drawing.

Enter the desired number to be checked.

Where that combo has won over the past 30 days is visible.


You can organize your lists of favorite numbers in this section and quickly play them whenever you’d like.

Select the drawing type you want to use for your list (Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, or Pick 5).

Press “Add numbers” to start making your first list.

Click “Save” after adding the needed information to the list.

To modify an existing list’s name or add or remove combinations, click the pencil.

After your confirmation, click the trash can to permanently remove a list.

Playing the numbers from your favorite list can be done in two different ways:

To play every combination in that list, click the circle. To proceed with the list you’ve chosen, click Pick.

Start playing a certain combination from a list, and click on it. To proceed with the chosen numbers, click Pick.

You are about to be taken to the Purchase stage.

Verify your figures one more time and finish your transaction. Please remember that all lottery tickets are non-refundable.


You can establish your preferences, give us comments, and personalize your profile in this section to

enjoy the lottery room.

My Profile

To upload a profile photo, click the little clip. Please be aware that it won’t be visible until BetAnySorts staff has given it the all-clear.

Put in your nickname here.

Please provide feedback!

Choose from the pre-written messages or type your own by clicking the thumbs up or down.

Lottery payout transactions at BetAnySports

To view your transactions, click the down arrow, select the date period, and then click “Search” to view the tickets you purchased with your lottery winnings.


Any of these elements can be turned ON or OFF to customize your lottery room experience. After you end the session, the modifications you made and saved in this section will still be there.

  1. Select the Lotto view or Classic view option when the lottery room opens.
  2. Decide on the kind of drawing you want to begin with.
  3. To enter your numbers, select your favorite pick mode.
  4. Select the level of randomization for your numbers and drawings when using the “Quick Pick” option.
  5. Decide which kind of ticket you would like to begin with.
  6. After you activate it, select the amount you would want to have set as the default.
  7. After you run it, select your preferred drawings to be the default.

After customizing your profile, select “Save” to validate the modifications.

How to play Mobile

Enjoy the mobile-optimized Lotto View at home or while on the go. You build your ticket(s) step-by-step with its assistance.

How to buy your tickets

Select your numbers.

Decide how much to wager.

Select the date or dates.

Pick a drawing or drawings.

Finish your purchase.

Buy Loterry Ticket at BeetAnySports and Win BigThe steps to finish your purchase are as follows:

  1. Select your numbers.

Drawing type

Choose your favorite choice (Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, or Pick 5).

Ticket type

Choose between a straight or boxed ticket type.

Method and numbers

There are four methods for choosing your numbers:

  1. Numbers

Pick whatever numbers you wish to play.

  1. Data Entry

You can either type or paste the numbers from a document to play.

  1. Quick Pick

Use your preferred quick-pick option. Remember that the Lotto room’s profile area allows you to modify the quick select alternatives.

  1. Favorites

To view your favorite numbers, select an existing list.

  1. Decide how much to wager.

Select the bet amount from the listed options or fill up the field with any other amount. The minimum and maximum bet amounts vary based on the chosen drawing type. The minimum is $0.25.

You can also choose in this area whether to use your Lotto prize to make a wager. Simply click in the “Use Lotto reward” box if you choose to use it.

  1. Select the date or dates.

You can select your date(s) in one of two ways:

  1. Day to run

You can choose the start running date as well as the number of days you wish to run.

  1. Specific days

By selecting each day, you can choose which days you want to run.

  1. Pick a drawing or drawings

If you would want to play a drawing, check the boxes.

On the chosen drawing or drawings, a blue check mark will show up.

Please review the meaning of the symbol(s) next to each drawing.

You will be prompted to purchase the drawing for the next open date if the one you picked isn’t available for the selected date(s) or has already passed.

  1. Finish your purchase

Once your choices are complete, click the Purchase button.

It should be noted that all prior steps will have a light blue checkmark, indicating that each step was completed accurately.

Before finishing your transaction, make sure to double-verify your tickets.

When you’re prepared to buy your numbers, click Confirm to finish the transaction.

Remember that all lottery tickets are final.

You can view your outstanding tickets once the transaction is complete.

Bonus 100% up to $1,000
Bonus 30% up to $2,000
Bonus 100% up to $1,000
Bonus 125% up to $2,500
Bonus 100% up to $500