How to Bet on Volleyball in the Olympics

Learn how to bet on Volleyball in the Olympics

The first time the sport of Volleyball was included in the Olympics was in 1964. Awards are won by the best performing men’s and women’s national teams. Teams compete head to head to progress to the next round. A match is won by a team winning three out of five games for the men’s competition and for the women’s it is two out of three. It is a sport that you can place bets or large wagers on the outcome. If you do want to gamble on the outcome of matches, make sure you check for the best bet offers on all sports betting sites first. The Olympic rules used are the same used worldwide provided by the International Volleyball Federation.

What Is The Set Up And Court Size For Olympic Volleyball?

The setup and court size is exactly the same for Olympic Volleyball as it is for international Volleyball. It is 29.5ft wide and 59ft long with a 11ft.⅝ inches high net for the men and 7ft 4 ⅛ inches for the women. In total six players from each team are on the court together and the sit in two banks of three players.

When a volleyball team has the ball, it is served by the player positioned at the right rear. The team that wins the point serves until the opposite team manage to win one of the points. All of the team rotate clockwise changing place after each point. The player that has just served or positioned in the right rear, move to the center position at the back. The rear center then moves clockwise to take up the rear left and so on.

How Does The Olympic Volleyball Scoring System Work?

The scoring system at the Olympic Volleyball tournament is a rally system. Points are won no matter which team is servicing or defending for each play. The team that wins the play takes the points along with serve. The game is won when the first team reaches 25 points. There is a total of five sets available to be played in Men`s Volleyball and to win the match, one of the teams needs to win three sets. For Women`s Volleyball, it is three sets in total and is one once a team wins two.

How Does Olympic Volleyball Game Play Work?

A match point is decided once the ball is served by the rear right positioned player. The ball must be tossed overhead along with being hit over the net. Once the ball is over the net into the opposing team’s side, they must return it without it hitting the floor. They are allowed to hit the ball three times before it must be returned over the net. Players can go out of the court boundaries to hit the ball. For a point to be scored, the ball must cross over the net and land inside the opposing team’s court boundaries. If the ball fails to cross over the net or hits the ground before it is returned, the opposing team scores the point. For fun, viewers like to place free bets on the outcome of matches. If you do this look for the best free bet offers online first.

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