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The days when slot machines were known as one-armed bandits are long gone? As clever as that moniker is, modern online slots are seemingly never ending sources of fun and entertainment, and ideally money. Other than coins don’t come pouring out of a porthole in your computer, online slot machines are superior in every way to their ancestors.

Where to Play Online Slots


How to Play Slots

All of these online US casinos/sportsbooks allow users to “play for fun”, so as to get a hang of any given game before playing for money. However, Intertops gets massive props for featuring such detailed information about their slot games. Let’s have a look at some examples.

Cash Cow. Includes fifty different pay-lines and thus a high number of winning combinations. You can wager one, two or three coins on each line. The maximum jackpot is fifty-thousand times the coin bet value.

  • Select coin value for wager with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons below coin indicator.
  • Choose from $0.01 to $10
  • Select number of pay-lines active with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons below the lines indicator.
  • Choose between one and fifty pay-lines.
  • Choose number of coins to bet on each pay-line with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons below coins per line indicator.
  • Choose from one to three coins.
  • The total amount wagered is displayed in the BET window.
  • Start the game using the SPIN button.
  • Use AUTO PLAY to preset up to 500 games to play automatically
  • Use BET MAX to set the number of coins wagered to the maximum available and start the game simultaneously
  • Use STOP SPIN to end game at any point while reels are spinning.
  • Once the game stops, any winning combinations will be highlighted on the reels.
  • Any winnings will be credited automatically into the player account.
  • To review the pay-table details, click PAY-TABLE tab to the right of reels


Goblin Gold. This is a three-reel slot game with two wild symbols, treasure hunt bonus and auto nudge feature. The pay-table multipliers increase with the number of credits played and are displayed automatically above the reels. The display adjusts to the number of credits wagered and will indicate the value of any win. Any winning combination including a single 3X WILD symbol is multiplied by 3x. Any winning combination including two 3X WILD symbols is multiplied by 9x. Any single 3X WILD symbol appearing on the pay-line pays 3x the credit wager. Any two 3X WILD symbols appearing together on the pay-line pays 9x credit wager.

Goblin's Gold Online Slot Game at Top US Casinos
Goblin’s Gold Online Slot Game

Auto Nudge Feature: Some of the single, double and triple BAR symbols include an arrow above or below the symbol. Once the reels stop spinning, if there is not a winning combination on the pay-line, any BAR symbols visible including an arrow will ‘nudge’ automatically one position in the direction of the arrow, up or down. If the nudge feature results in a winning combination on the pay-line then the game will pay according to the final symbol combination.

Goblin’s Gold Bonus feature: When three credits are wagered and the GOBLIN BONUS symbol appears on the third reel the game will automatically launch the TREASURE QUEST bonus feature. Click the PRESS HERE button to determine the number of spaces the Goblin will move. Collect two tokens in level one, without landing on an EXIT step, to move to level two. Collect three tokens in level two, without landing on an EXIT step, to move to level three. Collect four tokens in level three, without landing on an EXIT step, to collect the top prize. If you make 50 moves without landing on an EXIT step you automatically go through to the treasure and collect the top prize. Regardless of the end result, you will earn points for every successful step. Prize amounts are the numeric value of each successful step multiplied by the coin value of the triggering bet.

Livin’ the life. Choose between 1 and 40 lines and set the coin value between $0.01 and $5. Wager between $0.01 and $200. It features three bonus rounds with top interactive features. The slot has two different bonus symbols. One is the cash wheel, the other is the bonus wheel. There is one of each on reels 1, 3 and 5. Activate the cash wheel bonus round by hitting the cash wheel symbol on all three reels. The game then goes to a new screen with a very interesting wheel. The bonus round gives you one spin of the wheel which allows you to win up to 1000x your bet.