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Why The Chiefs Could Be The Champions – Super Bowl LV Predictions

Kansas City Chiefs Defense Betting Analysis

Betting sites for NFL favor the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LV. Why are the best online sportsbooks favoring Pat Mahomes & Co.? First of all, the Kansas City Chiefs are deadly fast on offense. One of the oldest maxims in sports is that speed can’t be taught.

MyBookie.ag Super Bowl LV Odds:

Chiefs-3 (-124)56 (-105)-175
Buccaneers+3 (+104)56 (-115)+151
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Teams can make adjustments on such areas as blocking and route running. But there is nothing a coach can do to make a player run faster. The Chiefs are a well-oiled machine on offense as a result of their focus on acquiring as many speedy players as possible.

Kansas City Offense

The biggest playmaker in Kansas City’s offense is wide receiver Tyreek Hill. He can breeze past any defense that he sees. Other quick receivers like Sammy Watkins, Demarcus Robinson and Mecole Hardman make it a nigh-impossible task to cover the Chiefs without cornerbacks who are as athletic.

If that weren’t enough, KC added running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire to enhance the backfield. With roadrunners across the board, the possibility of a game-breaking play is there on each snap for Kansas City. That is a great advantage for the Chiefs in a time where the league’s rules lean heavily towards offense support.

Keeping Continuity is Crucial for the Success

Another reason betting sites for NFL favor the Chiefs is that they have continuity. It has always been a tenet in football that keeping continuity is crucial for success. Continuity is key for individual units working together, such as the offensive line. But the chance to grow inside a system from one year to the next is a must-have for a winning franchise. The Chiefs essentially retain all the key elements from their Super Bowl LIV-winning team.

A third reason for betting sites for NFL favoring KC is head coach Andy Reid. Reid has a proven ability for winning consistently. Reid was a sight for sore eyes when he arrived in Kansas City. he helped the Chiefs become postseason mainstays.

The Chiefs benefitted as well from Reid’s rapport with Mahomes. The two have become the top head coach-quarterback duo in football. The only criticism one could level at Reid was his failure to win a Super Bowl.

However, that obviously is no longer a concern with the Chiefs going all the way the previous February. That got a massive monkey off of Reid’s. Kansas City boasts one of football’s top head coaches. This gives the team an edge over the competition. With Reid on the sidelines, the Chiefs’ odds of back-to-back Super Bowl championships are pretty good.

Best Player in the NFL today

Finally, though it goes without saying, there is Pat Mahomes. If the Chiefs repeat as Super Bowl champeens, it will most likely be because they have arguably the best player in the NFL today. All of the reasons that we have mentioned here would not carry as much weight without Mahomes.

The Chiefs’ remarkable speed fits Mahomes’s style of play perfectly. This allows him to take shots down the field and dismantle opposing defenses. The continuity of keeping the same system and staff also hugely benefits Mahomes.

He has continued to grow in the only offense he has ever played with professionally. Reid is a guru with quarterbacks. he always comes up with ever more ingenious approaches to better employ Mahomes’ skills.

The scary thought for the Bucs is that Mahomes is just 24 years of age. That means that he is just about entering his prime. Mahomes has only gotten better since winning Super Bowl LIV. That makes him the No. 1 reason that the Chiefs are on the brink of winning another Super Bowl and bringing home, or rather retaining, the Lombardi Trophy for a second consecutive season.