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Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns NFL Week 1 Picks

Cleveland Browns 2019 Betting Odds, Stats and Expert Predictions

NFL betting sites favor the Cleveland Browns by 5.5 over the Tennessee Titans in their 2019 regular season debut. Which begs the question, have the best online sportsbooks gone haywire? Or is it the entire world that has gone topsy-turvy? Are the inmates running the asylum? Are cats and dogs living together? None of the above. The real reason is much, much simpler. So simple indeed that it staggers the mind that it took so damn long.

The Browns finally got their crap together and fired the hell out of Hue Jackson. And not a minute too soon. How he evaded getting canned for two-and-a-half seasons will always and forever mystify me. Like, how bad do you have to suck that not even the Cincinnati Bengals want you? The Browns new head coach is Freddie Kitchens. Who exactly is Freddie Kitchens, you ask? Who the hell cares? He’s not Hue Jackson and that’s all that matters.

Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns NFL Week 1 Betting Information

  • Date: Sunday September 8
  • Time: 1:00 pm ET
  • Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium

Odds from GTBets.eu:

Titans+5½ (-105)45½ (-110) --
Browns-5½ (-115)45½ (-110) --
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Betting Tennessee

During Hue’s reign of terror, NFL betting sites would favor just about any team that played the Browns. And justifiably so. Pretty much the only requisite to beat Cleveland was showing up. The few-and-far-between exceptions included fellow dumpster fires like the New York Jets and the aforementioned Bengals. So what puts the Titans in such dubious company? Other than starting QB Marcus Mariota’s habit of not living up to expectations, that is. By the way, Mariota is reportedly turning into a muscle-bound freak. And that’s all well and good. In fact, it could help him avoid injuries, the bane of his career. Just, you know, keep off the ‘roids, Marcus.

But back to the possible reasons that the Titans are so undervalued. Could it have to do anything with the fact that they have two of the league’s most underrated players? Namely, safety Kevin Byard and wide receiver Adam Humphries. According to NFL.com, “Byard’s versatility earned him the sixth-best contribution ranking among safeties in my model last season.” and “Only two wide receivers with more than 100 targets in 2018 had a higher reception percentage than Humphries.”

Betting Cleveland

I’ve said enough about Hue Jackson. Okay, just one more dig. His departure from the Browns is an example of addition by subtraction. His replacement has already paid off. Both offensive coordinator Todd Monken and special-teams coach Mike Priefer cite Kitchens as a big reason to come to Cleveland. According to WKYC.com, Monken is “well respected” and “has a track record of success calling plays at the NFL and collegiate levels.” Another new arrival is wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. ODJ touched down just six times in 2018 with the New York Giants. However, he recorded 1052 receiving yards. Not his best but a great deal better than the 302 he logged in 2017. Starting QB Baker Mayfield had a PFT and PFWA Rookie of the Year-worthy season. Beckham’s addition has the potential to take Mayfield’s game to the next level.

Expert Picks NFL Week 1 – Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns

About a month ago, Vegas NFL betting sites were giving the Browns 14-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. They were probably getting just a little too carried away. That said, I never thought Cleveland had a terrible team; they just had a terrible head coach. Now that that cancerous tumor has been excised, the Browns have a chance to bloom. Do they have a Super Bowl-winning team? I wouldn’t go so far. They do have a good team, though, and a good head coach – or at least a better one. All things considered, I’ll take Cleveland and the points.