Three Team Parlay For Inaugural Round of 2018 World Cup

2018 World Cup Betting Future Odds

Brazil 2014 doesn’t seem like ages ago, but 4 soccer years have passed and we are now days away from the starting kick-off to the biggest sporting event in the world. And bettors all over the world are already looking for the best angles to attack the odds posted by the best online sportsbooks. To make it easier for you, I have devised a 3 team parlay for the opening matches of the tournament.

Full disclosure, this bet should be viewed as an entertainment wager, a high risk, high rewards type deal, made purely in the interest of entertainment, but with honest analysis and opinion. Some of the underdogs selected on this wager have a decent shot of pulling a shocker. You could break it down and wager any of them individually, that’s up to you, but if this be hits, we could be in for a nice hefty payout. All prices taken from one of the best online sportsbooks for us players: Intertops.

Portugal vs. Spain

Let’s face it it is amost a given that Spain and Portugal are moving on to the next round and this game will help decide who will take first place. Of course that is barring any unforeseen circumstances, where Iran and Morocco might pull a shocker. But to be frank, that would be a monumental shocker. Portugal are the defending European champions and Spain has a stacked squad that has strong momentum and should be considered as front runners to win their second World Cup.

Now Ronaldo (much like Messi) will have an added pressure to take his national team to the promised land, and this is a very difficult test right off the gate. I see both squads cancelling each other out, however, I will take Spain on the Moneyline at -118.

Peru vs. Denmark

On my FIFA fantasy bracket challenge for the World Cup I have France and Denmark moving on in Group C. That was prior to the recent news that striker Paolo Guerrero was cleared and will be able to play at Russia. The line, back before the ruling, for Peru opened at +265, now it has dropped to +210 and depending on the friendlies that will go on in the next few days, we might see it drop a little bit more. As much as I have a soft spot for Denmark, the morale boost for Peru is undeniable and based on inspiration, I see this game as a breakout performance for the South American squad. They will win (barely) 1-0.

Serbia vs. Costa Rica

There is a caveat on this match. Just how serious will Serbia take this match and if they are not understimating the Tico squad, which was Italy, Uruguay and England’s undoing on Brazil 2014. Now this is much different squad and Costa Rica have adopted a defensive style that has earned them dividends. Yes they are a flawed team and despite having experienced players on the best leagues in Europe, and a great keeper in the form of 3 time Champions League winner Keylor Navas, but Costa Rica is not being shown the love they deserve from oddsmakers. Let’s not forget that this is a team that beat the USMNT home (4-0) and away (2-0) during the qualifying stages. This might seem like much, but it can’t be overlooked like a minor feat.

On the other hand, Serbia had a few stumbles on their way to the World Cup, and this appears to be a case where the line is not giving the ticos many room for action. I say exploit it at +310 at Intertops on of the premier best online sportsbooks in the world.

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