When the Spread is not Enough: Super Bowl LIII Prop Bets

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams Picks and Updated Betting Line

Most users of online sports betting sites like to make things interesting. And then there are some who want to make things extra interesting. That’s where prop bets come in. The best online sportsbooks will offer the modern gambler a plethora of things to bet on other than spread and total. By the way, Jefe; do you know what a plethora is? Never mind that, though. Let’s just take a look at the best prop bets from the top gambling sites.


Player to score first touchdown

  • Sony Michel (New England) +400
  • Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams) +450

Patriots rookie running back Sony Michel has been quite the revelation. He had six TDs on 931 yards in the regular season. He also scored two TDs on 113 yards versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Gurley was the 2018 rushing TDs leader. However, he has been a bit off his game in the postseason. All things considered, CJ Anderson probably offers a better value at +950.

What song will Maroon 5 open the halftime with

  • ANIMALS +500

Call me old fashioned, but I’d like them to start with a throwback. Something along the lines of Harder to Breathe, or This Love. So I’m going to go with Any Other Song at +400.


Super Bowl LIII MVP

  • Tom Brady 1.90
  • Jared Goff 3.00
  • Todd Gurley 17.00
  • Aaron Donald 17.00

Nine QBs have been named Super Bowl Most Valuable Players in the last 12 years. In other words, the winning team’s QB is more than likely to get MVP honors. Only two non-QBs have won the award since 2010. Including Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller. Could another defensive player, such as Donald, win it this year? If he manages to contain Brady in such a way as to secure the victory, then yes. Harvey Martin, Randy White and Richard Dent are the only Super Bowl MVP-winning defensive linemen. Finally, Gurley had just four carries against the New Orleans Saints. And he has just 100-yard rushing games since Thanksgiving. On the other hand, he’ll have had plenty of time to rest his knee by the time the big game rolls around.


This website offers online sports betting sites’ customers the $5,300 Super Bowl LIII Predictor. “Answer the 10 questions below and wager at least $25 on Super Bowl LIII to qualify for your prize. Finish in the Top 10 and take home some cash.” Questions include the coin toss result (heads or tails). The first turnover (fumble or interception). Team to score first. How many TDs will Jared Goff or Tom Brady throw. Some appear to be trick questions, though. Here are a couple of samples.

  • Total combined touchdowns in the game?

Over 6.5

Brandin Cooks

  • Longest touchdown of the game?

Under 2.5 Sacks

Over 2.5 Sacks

  • Who rushes for the most yards?

Jake Elliott

Stephen Gostkowski

No field goals made



Winning margin

  • Patriots by 1-6 points +350
  • NE by 7-12 points +550
  • New England by 13-18 points +750
  • Rams by 1-6 points +375
  • LAR by 7-12 points +600
  • Los Angeles by 13-18 points +900

According to online sports betting sites, the Pats have won 13 games in 2018-19 by an average margin of 14.5 points per game. Meanwhile, the Rams have lost nine games under head coach Sean McVay by an average margin of 10.9 points per game. Therefore, New England winning by a margin of 7-12 points looks like great value at +750.

Those are some of the best prop bets around for Super Bowl LIII. But that’s until February 3. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait. And in the halftime, fingers crossed for Harder to Breathe!