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Sportsbook Election Betting: Futures You Won’t Believe at BetOnline

US Presidential Election 2020 Winner Betting Odds

The folks at BetOnline are dedicated to bringing you as much choice as possible in the way of futures. And although you may not believe this, such a thing includes those things outside of sports.

Let’s put it this way – if you are a Donald Trump fan and you believe the polls are “fake news,” you’ll see a lot of value here.

That’s because Joe Biden is a big favorite

Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, is priced at -210 to win the general election. That’s down from -2220, so there has been some Trump support since the price change. Trump is priced at +175.

What this means is that Biden’s chances are 67.7%, with Trump’s chances at 36.4%, if you are using the odds as a precise barometer. You might see some value there either way.

And they seem to want to cover all bases and all possibilities. That’s why they are listing Vice-President Mike Pence at +3300 and Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris at +6600. This, we suppose, entertains the possibility that Trump may be disabled, although he says he’s strong as an ox after a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. And on the other side, maybe in case Biden’s dementia accelerates, or he can’t read the teleprompter any more?

It was also nice of them to include Jo Jorgensen (listed here as “Joanne Marie Jorgensen”). She happens to be the Libertarian presidential candidate.

By the way, in the national average of polls that is published at RealClearPolitics, Biden has a 9.2-point lead. But wasn’t Trump considered a dead duck with Hilary Clinton in the lead just prior to the 2016 election? Trump’s own internal polling showed something much different than the publicly-accessible polls did. And his team was right. Food for thought.

Who’s coming out to vote?

If you have been watching a lot of sporting events, you have seen an overabundance of commercials where the objective is to get people out to vote. As they have appeared on the NBA telecasts, it’s a rather thinly veiled attempt to draw anti-Trump votes.

BetOnline has listed a proposition related to voter turnout. And they have done it in two different ways. At an over / under of 149.5 million votes, the “over” is -250, with the “under” at +175.

This is also expressed in terms of percentage of registered voters. So it is -145 that the total will be Over 60.5% and +115 for the “Under.”

And more election props for the taking…

You may be one of those “red state, blue state” people. And you don’t think that Trump can turn around any states that he lost in 2016. You can bet on that, although you will lay a price. Trump is -290 to again lose every state he lost in the 2016 election. Of course, New York and California are the easy ones. Maybe some of those are not so easy.

Or are they? Remember that Trump won most of the battleground states. These would have been considered a toss-up or even Clinton territory going into the ’16 vote. That includes states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. According to the RealClearPolitics poll average, Biden is ahead in all those states.

And so consequently, you’d have to lay a heavy -800 price on Trump NOT winning every state he won last time.

And if you remember 2016, there was that tired old argument about how invalid the Electoral College was. Yes, Trump lost the popular vote, but won the election.

So will the winner of the popular vote also win the Electoral College? A price of -225 says YES, at BetOnline, where you are going to find more interesting props than anywhere else in the world. Oh, and don’t forget about Odds Booster, where you can get greatly enhanced payouts on pre-selected parlays – every day of the week!