Patriots Betting Favorites at US Sportsbooks against Jaguars

AFC Championship Latest Odds at US Sportsbooks for Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots

US sportsbook players are shaking in anticipation for this weekend’s AFC Conference matchup. On one hand, most offshore betting players were hoping one of the bigger names out of the AFC, like the Kansas City Chiefs or even the Pittsburgh Steelers, would rise up to dethrone Tom Brady and the New England patriots in the AFC. However, the Jags ended up mauling those two contenders on their way to this championship match. And although Jacksonville isn’t as big of a name in the conference as those other two, the Jags might just have what it takes to topple the Pats. Let’s take a look at what kind of odds the underdog Jags are facing in this Sunday’s match against these NFL betting titans.

Betting Jacksonville

The Jaguars have shocked us the last two weekends as they stifled the Bills and upset the Steelers. Now, they’re set to face what many consider to be the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen. So how do you beat a great quarterback? Well, for starters, you need a tremendous defense. Luckily for the Jags, they have just that. However, they also have one more ace up their sleeve that might just give them the advantage this NFL betting weekend.

That is happens to be Tom Coughlin, the man who engineered the only two Super Bowl losses Tom Brady has ever tasted. A couple of managerial decisions from behalf of the New York Giants opened the door for Coughlin to join the Jags’ management. Coughlin may not be the head coach anymore, but he is arguably even more dangerous in the front office. Ultimately the best online sportsbook betting lines don’t think the Jags’ stellar defense and Coughlin’s brilliant football mind will be enough to conquer the Pats. But those odds might just pave the way to one of the biggest betting payouts of this year’s season.

Betting New England

What else needs to be said about the Patriots? New England finished the regular season with a 13-3 record to win yet another AFC East title. Furthermore, New England did exactly what we were expecting them to do this past weekend when they absolutely pummeled the Titans 35-14. But this isn’t Tennessee the Pats will be facing this weekend. Granted, Blake Bortles is no Aaron Rodgers, but the Jags’ don’t get it done through the air. Since the Jaguars were able to run all over the Steelers this past weekend, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Jacksonville stomp all over the Pats and their 20th ranked run defense this US sportsbook betting weekend.

There’s no question the Pats have the superiors passing game. After all, you can’t really try to compare Blake Bortles to Tom Brady. But that might not matter that much since the strength of the Jaguars lies in their running game. But there’s no doubt that Bill Belichick has this present in mind. So accounting for his brilliance, bettors can expect New England to come out strong and vie for an early lead. The reason being, if the Pats can jump out to an early lead, they’ll be able to force Jacksonville to stick to the passing game. And while that seems like a tremendous plan, the Jags’ foreboding defense is standing in the way of that goal. The odds might not say it but this is shaping up to be a great one.

US Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Jacksonville Jaguars +9 (-124)       46½ (-109)      +341

New England Patriots -9 (+104)      46½ (-111)      -435