NFL Week 13 Preview: Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints

  • by Andrew Scofield
  • December 3rd, 2015
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Panthers vs. Saints 2015 NFL Week 13 Betting Prediction PreviewThe Carolina Panther are now getting the sports betting reviews recognition as the top team in the NFL. They remain the only team with a perfect record so far, and they are looking stronger every week. This Sunday the Panthers will be facing the New orleans Saints in the Superdome, and they are coming in as the strong favorites with an average line of -7.5. Can the Panthers stretch their undefeated streak for one more week? Can the Saints put a stop to Carolina’s perfect run?

Let’s talk about the Saints first. This has not been a good season at all, they are last in the NFC South division with a 4-7 record, and fresh of getting a beating from the Texans on week 12. Now, at home, they are at risk of being in the receiving end of getting another thrashing. The main issue is that the Saints have not gotten their act together on defense, they look awful against Houston, and now they are facing Cam Newton and the powerful Carolina offense. They might be able to muster to get points when having the ball, but we just can’t see them stopping the Panthers. We have to agree with other sports betting reviews, is not a question if Carolina will beat them, the question is by how much.

The Carolina Panthers are the best team in Football (despite what New England fans might say), and what makes them a great is that they have different ways to win. Cam Newton is having a fantastic season, but whenever a defensive unit is able to control him, the Panthers find other ways to overcome their opponents. Take for example their last game versus Dallas, the Cowboys’ D looked like they had found a way to stop Cam Newton, but the Panthers forced some crucial turnovers that in the end awarded them the win. If they are on point this Sunday, we can expect them to fire on all cylinders.

Perhaps at the beginning of the season, when analyzing the schedule, many sports betting reviews marked this game as a potential loss for the Panthers. That was then, now there is no real reason to even speculate or even expect a win from the Saints. Their struggles and desire to turn things around could be their biggest asset, but against the best team in the NFL, that doesn’t seem like it is going to be enough. The Saints might be able to show some offense and score a couple of TDs, but the Oanthers will overpower them. Final score is going to be 37-14.