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NFL Week 13 Picks – Against the Spread Predictions

Free Odds and Picks of the Top NFL Week 1 Games
  • by Andrew Scofield
  • November 27th, 2019
  • Category:

Week 13 of the NFL is finally here as top sportsbooks get ready as the red-hot playoff race gears up. There is now only one team left undefeated and it is not the overall favorites New England Patriots. Plus there are several exciting and interesting matchups that will provide a fair share of excitement this coming weekend. Here is a quick no nonsense sports betting reviews and picks for NFL football action.

Thursday night football this week will feature the Green Bay heading out to Detroit to face the Lions, with hopes to bounce back after a loss in Week 12. It’s been a roller coaster ride for them this season and they are looking shaky at the worst possible time. However they are the top sportsbook favorites with -3 for this game. This game will see them beat the Lions but barely, not covering the spread.

On Sunday’s cavalcade of games we have some very interesting matchups, here are how they will play out:

Atlanta visits Tampa Bay in a game that should be close but has Tampa as the slight favorites of -1. Atlanta could manage to pull the upset just barely on a low scoring game.

Cincinnati (-7.5) visits The Cleveland Brown, and it should be a real thrashing, the Bengals will beat the browns by a double-digit margin.

In a New York clash, the favorite Jets (-2) will visit the Giants. While the Jets might be considered by many top sportsbook pundits as favorites to beat the Giants and even cover the spread, the Giants will come from behind and edge out the Jets, in a low scoring game.

In one of the most highly contested games of week 13, the Seahawks will play the rugged Vikings in a tough match. Currently the line is EV, so most top sportsbooks expect a tight game. This one will go to OT, with the Vikings pulling the W by a Field goal. High scoring, exciting game.

In the Texans versus Bills game, Buffalo is the -3 favorite. Buffalo’s defense will be dominant but their offense might not be as on point, this will be a low scoring win for them.

The Arizona Cardinals come into their game against the Rams as the -5.5 favorites. Should they get a rhythm going on the first half they will take this game easily by at least 7 points.

The -6.5 favorite Chicago Bears will have not problem handling the troubled 49ers. The bears will win by at least one TD.

The Jaguars and Titans (EV) will have a close game for at least one half, probably tied 14 to 14. However in the late stages of the game the Titans will have an edge and win the game by 7 points.

Baltimore is fresh of an exciting win on Monday Night Football when the go to Miami to face the -4 favorite Dolphins. They will put a heck of a fight, but ultimately they will run out of steam and loose by at least 10 points.

The -3 favorite Chiefs will face the Oakland Raiders in a game that will be high scoring and entertaining but with the Raiders pulling the close upset.

Fresh off handing the Pats their first loss of the season, the Broncos will face the tough challenge of going to San Diego and face the Chargers. The Broncos are the -3 favorites and with the way they have been playing lately, they will extend their 2 week winning streak.

The undefeated Panthers are now on the mission to end the season without a loss. This week the -7 top sportsbooks’ favorite Carolina team will face the Saints in New Orleans. This game should be easy for the Panthers as they will continue their perfect record.

After their first loss, the Patriots (-13) will be out for payback and the team that’s going to the on the receiving end of that beating will the disappointing Philadelphia Eagles. Expect no mercy from the Pats, as they will crush the Eagles by more than 15 points.

To close out Sunday’s action the -6 favorite Steelers will take on the Colts in a game that will have hints of a possible upset, but with a close win by the Steelers.

Finally on Monday Night Football, bitter rivals Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins will face off in a game that will have sparks flying since kickoff. The Top Sportsbook favorites Redskins will hold off Dallas barely and win this game by a single TD.