NFL Betting Odds and Analysis to Win the 2018/19 AFC East Division

The best offshore gambling sites know that the AFC East is the most patriotic division in the entire NFL. The New England Patriots have won the most AFC divisional titles with 20. That includes nine in a row, as well as the most recent one, in 2017. They’re as hot as mobile betting. The Pats are odds-on favorites to win the division again in 2018. And generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

New England Patriots -850
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The Pats are by no means perfect. But they strive to be. And the pursuit of perfection leads to excellence. As usual, even the best team in the league has some kinks to iron out. Which is what the preseason is for. For instance, it’s not enough to have the GOAT at QB if the receiving corps in in turmoil. The Pats traded away Brandin Cooks. Signed and released Jordan Matthews. Declined Philip Dorsett’s fifth-year option. Signed and waived Chris Lacy. And had Erick Decker retire. On the other hand, they drafted Braxton Berrios. Resigned Devin Lucien. Signed Paul Turner. Amongst other moves. And Julian Edelman will of course miss four games.

“Certain things haven’t worked out the way we would have hoped and certain players would have hoped, but that’s football,” Tom Brady said. “I don’t think anybody feels sorry for the New England Patriots, I’ve said that before, so we’ll just try to do the best we can do, and hopefully it’s good enough.” Fortunately for the Pats, Tommy’s best is better than anyone else’s best.

Miami Dolphins +700
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There are a few reasons that the best offshore gambling sites don’t favor Miami to win the AFC East. And one of those reasons is that the Dolphins’ run defense ranks last in the preseason. Miami has allowed 174 rushing yards per game in three exhibition games. Opposing running backs have been gaining yards through a William Hayes-shaped hole. Luckily for the Dolphins, the defensive end could play against the Falcons in the last preseason game. Which would of course mean he’d be ready for the real thing following a pulled hamstring.

New York Jets +1100
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The Jets’ best online sportsbooks odds appear to lie in one Sam Darnold. And he certainly has former Jets QB Joe Namath seal approval. “I look at him as from a quarterback’s eyes and I see the way he goes through his progressions,” the Hall of Famer said. “He knows where to go. I see him buy time with his feet. Between the ears, you’ve got to know somebody. You have to live with him so to speak as a football player, as a coach, as a player. Sam has a special gift going on inside his head. He can analyze things, learn things quickly and it’s exciting to see the potential he has.”

Hey do you think Joe’s car broke down in front of Sam’s house? And then Darnie asked him for some pointers? And Joe told him that vapor lock the third most common cause of car stallings? Prolly not.

Buffalo Bills +1100
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The Bills may not only be the worst team in the AFC East, but the worst in the NFL. And they must be, if Nathan ‘Five Pick’ Peterman is their best bet at QB. But maybe that’s why they drafted rookie Josh Allen. So that he would make Nate look good by way of comparison. All things considered though, no team in the league has it worse at quarterback. At least according to Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright.

All odds have been taken from, one of the best offshore gambling sites.