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NFL Betting – Could This Be the Week For Dolphins?

Miami Dolphins Betting Odds, Stats and expert predictions

What happens when two of the NFL’s worst teams get together? Well, somebody has to win. And based on the results from last week, one has to believe the Miami Dolphins might be in a position to win their first game of the season on Sunday. That’s when they go up against the New York Jets in an AFC East matchup. It is set to begin at 1 PM ET at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

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Down on the Jets….again

The New York press is back to hating on the Jets. And maybe that is well-deserved. When Sam Darnold came back after his bout with mono and riddled the Dallas Cowboys, there was actually some hope for the season. But then came a shutout defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots. Okay, that is going to happen against that defense. But they followed that with a loss to Jacksonville that was semi-competitive at best.

Yeah, Darnold was “seeing ghosts” against the Pats and it has stuck to him. But he was also inconsistent against the Jags and right now his numbers don’t look too good. Darnold has only 135 attempts and yet he’s thrown eight interceptions. The general consensus is that the offensive line has been a non-starter.

And frankly, the numbers back that up. The Jets have allowed 34 quarterbacks sacks, between Darnold and Luke Falk (since released). And they have cleared the way for just 3.2 yards per carry. They are “stuffed” (zero or negative yards) on 24% of run plays. So when critics talk about how little Le’Veon Bell has contributed, or how the Jets need to work him more into the game plan, the finger needs to point to those five guys up front.

Here are the lines….

In the NFL betting odds on this game, the Jets are laying points on the road:

New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins NFL Week 9 Odds

Jets-3 (-125)42½ (-110)-180
Dolphins+3 (+105)42½ (-110)+155
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So what do we make of these Dolphins?

It really is hard to make an evaluation of the Dolphins. And that’s because it really depends on what perspective you want to view them from. If you are looking at them like any other NFL franchise for which there is no substitute from winning, they are a complete and utter failure, because they don’t have any victories yet.

But if you already concede that they may not get wins, they are doing some encouraging things. For one thing, they are playing with more spirit than the crew that was vanquished by a 102-10 margin the first two weeks. They have played the last three games as if they fully expected to go out there and win. Indeed they almost won two of them. And last week they got off to a 14-0 lead against Pittsburgh before folding in the second half.

Yes, they are going to wear down and lose to better teams. But the thing is, with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm, they are not playing like a bunch of guys who are just going to roll over and die.

In conclusion…..

One thing the Jets didn’t need was a guy like Jamal Adams steeping forward and blasting management because they took a couple of calls from other teams about him before the trade deadline. That’s just silly stuff.

Maybe there’s a “bad blood” factor here with Adam Gase and his former Dolphin players. We don’t know which way that advantage points. But we can tell you that this is a rare chance for Miami to avoid going 0-16, and it’s on their home field. And you might just see a team that plays all four quarters for a change and comes out of it with a win.

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