NCAA Basketball Tournament Projections: The Top 4 Teams

  • by Andrew Scofield
  • February 24th, 2016
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As we are closing in on March Madness, the ever shifting waters of College Basketball in a beautiful state of chaos. Top Sportsbooks have posted different odds in the past weeks and have them changing almost every week due to the upsets and comebacks that teams in the Top 25 are going through. The question remains, which are the teams that will come out on top on the upcoming tournament?

The top four teams in the country right now are (arguably) Kansas, Villanova, Oklahoma and Xavier. With Kansas as the top strongest team in the country at the moment and favorite in most top sportsbooks to win the National Championship, the rest of the teams appear to be gunning to securing the second spot on the rankings.

Xavier was looking to get that coveted #1 spot and for a moment there they were very close. They haven’t lost as much, and they have a 90% winning percentage that makes a strong case for them, however their biggest drawback that keeps them from reaching higher in the lack of competition from teams in the Big Ten or the ACC. Virginia, Miami and North Carolina could be contenders, but they have lacked consistency in the previous weeks. Xavier, will find a comfortable place in #4 and seek to make a deep tournament run.

The Oklahoma Sooners, despite loosing against Texas Tech this past week, remain in the top 4 thanks to a convincing win against West Virginia on the road. Top Sportsbooks are still keeping the Sooners as a good team to consider this coming tournament, and their #3 spot might seem generous, considering that they have also fell victim to the inconsistency plague that has been going around in College Basketball. Of the four top teams, Oklahoma appears to be the one that is most likely to have an early exit and perhaps not reach the Final Four, but they are capable of fantastic performances and put numbers on the board.

Top Sportsbooks and other online sports betting sites are placing the Villanova Wildcats as National Tittle contenders. At this stage in the season, the question of which is the best team in the country might draw several possible answers but the most consistent and talented teams are Villanova and Kansas. The Wildcats have some tough challenges as they meet Xavier on the road. For this match up the Wildcats are the underdogs, but should they escape with a win, this could catapult them to the #1 spot.

The Kansas Jayhawks have almost everything going for them and they appear to be headed for the #1 spot. Yet, they could still be knocked down, by any of the below listed teams. They are currently the favorites in top sportsbooks to win the national Championship and they have been proving during the past few weeks that they are up for the challenge. Their biggest obstacle is that from here until the regular season ends, they are going to face teams ranking in the top 25 that will be hungry and looking to bring down the overachieving Jayhawks.