NBA Playoffs Preview: East Part 2

There is a very good chance that your favorite online sportsbook and other of your favorite sports betting sites might have a lot of interest on what might happen on the Eastern Conference of the NBA Playoffs. With all this attention the West has gotten, people might miss the fact that the Eastern Conference playoffs are going to be very close and exciting and that the best gambling sites are paying close attention to that outcome. Top Bet Review pundits, think that the Western Conference might be a done deal, it is the East who might bring in the best looking wagers. As we examined on the previous article, today we check on the other two series that promise to be very exciting.

Raptors vs Pacers

For the past couple of years the Toronto Raptors have been on the brink of becoming the top Eastern Conference team. They have been consistent pretty much all year and have found in Kyle Lowry a bonafied star that has carried this team to hopes of being the first Canadian team to reach the NBA Finals. Alongside Lowry, DeMar DeRozan is another threat the Raptors have on their arsenal. Online sportsbook odds hold them as favorites and strong candidates to reach the second round. But they have a very tough test at hand when they face the Indiana Pacers.

The Indiana Pacers are not to be taken lightly. Not at all. Despite being the #2 and #7 matchup of the series, and the Raptors starting as big favorites, this might be one of the closest matchups in the East. During the regular season, Toronto beat the Pacers 3 out of 4 games, but Indiana has consistently remain as a talented team that if they had their full roster healthy they might be right up there fighting for the #2 spot with the Raptors. This game is going to, at the very least, 6 games. Toronto is going to push through but now without some great performances from Paul George.

Heat vs Hornets

We are calling it right now, the dark horse of the Eastern Conference for this upcoming playoffs are the Charlotte Hornets. The online sportsbook live holds the Heat as the clear favorites to move on to the next round, but if you take a magnifying glass and see that these teams are much more evenly close than what is thought, you could see that the Hornets might be potential upset waiting to happen. During the regular season the Heat beat the Hornets three times out of four, but those where very close games, decided by single digit margins except for their opening day game where the Heat won by 10.

This series depend heavily on how good can Dwyane Wade play on the series and it the Heat can take advantage of their home court advantage. Charlotte will try to get one game out of Miami at least, because this could prove to be a close series all the way through. It is going to be epic and your favorite online sportsbook might hold the Heat as favorites all the way through the series, but the Hornets are going to steal this one in seven games.