NBA Finals Game 4: Will the King be Finally Swept?

NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers, Odds and Betting Bonus
  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • June 7th, 2018
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So back on my previous pick for Game 3 of the final I had pick the Cavs to win this game outright, but When Durant hit that deep three in the fourth quarter he was not only driving a dagger straight to the heart of the Cavaliers, he was doing it to my heart also. How dare he spoil my precious, well thought out pick? Yet, not all was bad, I did hit on my 3rd Q “Over” additional pick.

NBA Finals Game 4 Odds:

Golde State Warriors  -4½ (-110)    215½ (-110)   -185
Cleveland Cavaliers  +4½ (-110)   215½ (-110)  +160

Bet Now on this Race
The odds for this crucial game 4 are out and the Cavaliers are now home dogs at +4.5 on Intertops and other of the best sportsbooks online. I personally think this spread will continue to drop down, money for the Warriors to sweep will come pouring down in the next 24 hours, mark my words.

For game 3, my hunch that the Total of 216 was a bit much, and I should have followed my gut as the game fell short of the mark but barely. For this game, however, the best sportsbooks online almost unanimously have the total at 215. I will bite on this occasion and lay money on the under.

As for game analysis and predictions, I would like to focus on a couple of things that I noticed while watching game 3. The very first thing that stood up for me was LeBron’s demeanor throughout the game. He seems pissed. Upset. Unhappy. A consumate pro that still was trying his best to stop the Warriors, but I think he is on a mental state that might seem all to reliable for a lot of us. That type of being ‘upset’ that doesn’t motivate you, a soul crushing sense that you are just being put through the motions and there is not a god damn thing you can do about it. Any other player would have imploded by now (Westbrook, anyone?). And with reports that this Friday could see LeBron’s final game as a Cavalier, it is difficult to see a different outcome. This is not the 2016 Cavs, not by a longshot and their future doesn’t seem that bright either. LeBron will try, for pride, not to get swept, but when you look at Hood, Hill and J.R. Smith, I can’t blame the guys from packing his stuff and jetting out of there.

Also, on the media there has been reports that the Warriors are motivated by the fact of sweeping LeBron off Cleveland, so don’t expect them to get very complacent.

Free Betting Pick:

Finally as a bonus pick, I am liking a lot what I am seeing on the first half odds posted by Intertops and the other best sportsbooks online. The spread is currently set at Warriors -1.5 with the total is set at 109.5. I think that the most explosive basketball will be displayed here and for the most part I expect them both to reach the Half time buzzer with a short margin. I will give the nod to the Cavaliers and the under on the first half.