Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers Week 16 Betting Analysis

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have already locked up a spot in this year’s playoffs. Next up is trying to secure the AFC South. The Tennessee Titans could still theoretically win the division, but a win this Sunday will clinch the division for the Jags. And considering that Jacksonville is facing the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, it’s safe to say that we already know who wins the AFC South this year. Let’s take a look at what kind of odds US online sportsbooks are giving Blake Bortles & the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday.

Betting Jacksonville

The Jaguars pounce into this Week 16 matchup sporting a 10-4 record that ranks them 1st in the AFC South. Jacksonville got off to a so-so start this season as the franchise went 3-3 in their first 6 games. However, the Jaguars quickly found their groove considering that they would only suffer one more loss after that 3-3 start. Better yet, the Jags enter this Sunday’s matchup riding a 3-game winning streak after triumphing over the Colts, Seahawks, and the Texans. By the looks of it, US online sportsbooks are predicting that Jacksonville will be able to extend that win streak this Sunday.

There’s not much value on taking the Jaguars straight up this weekend. Instead, taking the Jaguars to cover the spread is a superior option. Jacksonville is 9-5 against the spread this season, which is set at 4 points in this matchup. Comparatively, San Francisco is 7-7 against the spread.

Betting San Francisco

The Niners had some unwanted attention at the start of this year’s season since they were trying to put the Colin Kaepernick controversy behind them as quick as possible. Unfortunately, the 9-game losing streak San Fran opened the season with didn’t help anyone forget. Instead, it was a constant reminder of what this team had gone through. But halfway through the US online sportsbook betting season, the 49ers jumped on an opportunity to seize Jimmy Garoppolo – the man playing backup for Tom Brady. Since Garoppolo joined the starting lineup, the Niners have won three in a row. Clearly, this team is not the same that we got to know earlier this season. But do the Niners actually stand a chance against the Jags this weekend?

Normally, we would take a look at the Niners’ season averages to determine what kind of chance they stand against the playoff-bound Jaguars. But in this case, that won’t really help us. Instead, we can take a look at how the new 49ers have performed with Garoppolo in the lineup. The first glimpse we got of the new Niners came in their 15-14 triumph over the Chicago Bears three weeks ago. Beating the Bears isn’t that hard, but it was San Fran’s second win of the season. The following week San Francisco would beat the Texans 26-16. This was a more respectable win, but Houston is without Deshaun Watson so it’s not that big of a hallmark. However, the 25-23 triumph over the Titans San Francisco delivered this past weekend is. In fact, fans might want to place a small upset bet on the Garoppolo lead Niners.

US Online Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Jacksonville Jaguars -4 (-113)        41 ½ (-115)     -210

San Francisco 49ers +4 (-107)         41 ½ (-105)     +176