Good Sportsbooks Predict Vikings win over Rams in NFL Week 11

Los Angeles Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings Latest Odds and Predictions

One of the best NFL betting matchups of this upcoming weekend’s action has to be the NFC matchup pitting two of the best teams in the conference against each other. The Minnesota Vikings will be playing host to the Los Angeles Rams this weekend to determine which team should emerge as the frontrunner to challenge the Philadelphia Eagles for the favoritism to win the NFC. Both teams come into this matchup sporting the same record: a stellar 7-2 hallmark. Both team’s success is a bit unprecedented considering that the Rams are coming off a year in which they dismissed their head coach and the Vikings are currently contending with a backup quarterback. But Los Angeles has found a measure of explosiveness in their offense is that is appalling and seeing Minnesota’s stellar defense piggyback this team is not that great of a bombshell. The question now is: who will sports betting sites peg as the favorite this weekend?

Betting Los Angeles

It didn’t take long for the Rams to win back the heart of their former city, and there’s no question that the level of success the franchise has been finding in 2017 has surely convinced some of their St. Louis’ fans to root for the Rams each Sunday. In fact, there might not be a more exciting team to back in the NFL at the moment. After winning so many Super Bowls, Patriots fans can’t be that excited about regular season success. And apart from the Eagles, the Rams are the only team putting on a clinic each weekend. But this team still can’t seem to shake this atmosphere of ‘unproven-ness’ that surrounds the Rams. It’s this very same doubt that has led gambling websites to side against the Rams this weekend.

Betting Minnesota

Despite contending with a backup quarterback, good sportsbook lines are telling players to bet Minnesota all the way. All things considered, Case Keenum, the man filling in for an injured Sam Bradford, has not been all that bad. Keenum currently has 11 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 1,914 yards and a 92.6 passer rating. And if there’s one team Keenum will bring his A game against, it’s the Los Angeles Rams – his former team that decided losing him wouldn’t be that great of a loss. Obviously Keenum is going to be a little fired up at the opportunity to show the organization that they made a mistake. Unfortunately for the 5th year player, the Rams’ secondary isn’t made up of bums.

The Los Angeles Rams just happen to rank 9th in the NFL against the pass. That means Keenum isn’t going to have a walk in the park this weekend, but the Vikes’ running game just might. Minnesota boasts the league’s 11th best rushing offense, one which is likely to have a field day against the Rams run defense – which ranks 24th in the NFL. If the Vikings can control time of the possession with a consistent running game this Sunday, they might just be able to pull out a win on the road. They will have to find a way to deter the NFL’s No. 1 scoring offense, which might just happen considering that Minnesota ranks 5th in points allowed. This is unquestionably one of the most eye-catching, good sportsbook matchups of the year.

Good Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Los Angeles Rams +2 (-105)         46 (-110)

Minnesota Vikings -2 (-115)          46 (-110)