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College Basketball Top 25 Teams, Odds and Analysis

  • by Andrew Scofield
  • November 12th, 2015
  • Category:

College Basketball Top 25 Teams, Odds and Analysis

College hoop fans rejoice, the season is finally here! And while sports betting reviews for the upcoming season has their own opinions about the front-runners and favorites to win it all. After having the preseason play out we are bringing you a quick and comprehensive rundown of the Top 25 teams in the Nation with their analysis and odds for the upcoming season.

While the Top 10 teams might be a list of the usual suspects there are several teams that could make a splash in the college basketball rankings from the start. Although, while it might not be a big surprise for some top sportsbook vets, there are a couple of teams to watch on this list. Here are our top 5 teams.

1. Kentucky +600
It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that the Kentucky Wildcats are the top dogs when it comes to the upcoming college basketball season. Last year they were very close to perfection, and while they might have lost some firepower to the NBA draft, their squad this year appears to have all the components of a championship team. Overall, most sport betting reviews have them as the favorites, even on top of last year’s champs (more on them later).

2. Kansas +1200
We like Kansas this year, and so should you. Not that many sports betting reviews have them in the #2 ranking, and their odds are very interesting. This is the team that will become the dark horse to beat Duke and/or Kansas on their way to the championship. They have a deadly big three that the other top schools might not be able to compete with in Ellis, Selden and Mason III.

3. Duke +700
The Duke Blue Devils’ strategy for the upcoming season very likely will be “killing them softly”. Coach K is an awesome recruiter, and this year’s squad is filled with three point marksmen. Duke is going to make it reign from the perimeter. But is making them not be the top 1 or 2 team in the Nation for the upcoming season? Their lack of big men. They will miss Jahlil Okafor, deeply.

4. Maryland +1000
We place the Terrapins on the number 4 spot with some reservations. They have the talent and the resources to be higher, but they still have to be battle tested. They still have to prove themselves as one of the nation’s elite. We place them as number 4, but do not be shocked if they end up higher in the rankings once the season is over.

5. Michigan State +2000
Another group of sharpshooters will make their way to the top 5. Many to be these high on the rankings might not tout Michigan State, despite the odds they have. And how talented this team is. The question is why doubt them? They made it to the Final Four last season, they might have lost Travis Trice, but coach Izzo found a good replacement in Eron Harris. They will drop 3 point bombs and beat their opponents that way, but their major question mark (and the reason they are almost out of the top 5) is that we still don’t know how they’ll fare on the inside.

Here are the rest of the teams for the TOP 25 in college basketball for this upcoming season.

6. North Carolina +1000
7. California +2000
8. Wichita State +2500
9. Michigan +2000
10. Villanova +2500
11. Virginia +2500
12. Gonzaga +2500
13. Iowa State +2500
14. LSU +2500
15. Arizona +2800
16. Indiana +3300
17. Oklahoma +3300
18. Texas +3300
19. Purdue +3300
20. UCONN +4000
21. Louisville +4000
22. Syracuse +5000
23. Florida State +6600
24. Notre Dame +6600
25. Baylor +7500

Finally, one team that didn’t make it to this ranking but could pull a big upset is Miami. They didn’t crack this list because we had to only pick 25, but trust us that this team can have the potential to rank much higher. Several sports betting reviews have them among the possible teams that might shock the world once College Basketball begins.