Betting the SuperBowl: Fiona the Hippo Weighs in On ‘Big Game’ Or Does She?

Fiona the Hippo Make Super Bowl Picks

You may be at a bit of loss in terms of who to pick to win the Super Bowl. And you may figure that a coin flip is as good a method as any. But we may have an alternative for you.

Fiona, the beloved hippo who was born six weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017, is an old hand at this. But that doesn’t mean she is very good at it. But if you’re among the “undecided,” especially in this election year, you may have to indeed get “hip” to the hippo.

Remember that Super Bowl 54 is set to get underway on Sunday at 6:30 PM ET at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Fox Network will televise the game live, after an intolerably long pre-game show. And BetAnySports is there to serve you. Not only do they have reduced juice for better odds. And all the props you can possibly imagine, including some that are silly (you’ll see). They also allow you to place wagers during the game itself. That’s right; you can do it in real-time by accessing what is available through Sports Betting Ultra.

Before we get to Fiona’s selection……

Here is the line on the game, as posted by our friends at BetAnySports:

Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs. 49ers Betting Odds

49ers +1 (-110) 54½ (-110) EV
Chiefs -1 (-110) 54½ (-110) -120
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Okay, let;s get started…

Fiona’s track record

She has just turned three, so excuse her if she does not have much history at this. She has picked underdogs with her first two predictions. Someone from the zoo suggested that “Since she started life as an underdog, perhaps she just naturally roots for them.”

That’s brought mixed results. Two years ago she struck gold with the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots. But last year she went with the Los Angeles Rams, who laid an egg offensively, losing to the Pats.

So we’re still not sure if she just had beginner’s luck or not.

Fiona’s Super Bowl 54 pick

Now she has gone with the favorite, albeit a slight one. Well, at least we think so. Fiona, faced with a couple of stones in front of her – one with a Chiefs logo and the other with a Niners logo – meandered right over to the Chiefs logo. And just when Kansas City fans were feeling a little secure, the hippo threw upright on it. Or near it.

This sent a mixed signal. Did that show an affirmation about the Chiefs, or a disdain for them? There were differing interpretations on it.

And this might be important. Because at a stout 1248 pounds, she outweighs the entire San Francisco front four combined.

Props on….the Star-Spangled Banner?

Demi Lovato is going to be on hand to sing the national anthem for Super Bowl 54. And if you didn’t think that was important, well, you better think again.

There is literally nothing you can’t bet on at BetAnySports when it comes to this pre-game ceremony.

How long will she hold that final word – BRAVE? The astute oddsmakers are figuring that she’ll linger a bit, so they have priced the “Over 5.5 second” prop at -235, with a takeback of +172.

And will she leave any word out of the anthem? We’ve not heard anything out of her camp. But our best guess is that she is practicing hard to remember everything. Even so, celebs are not always the most reliable types. And she may be thinking of those parties she was at on South Beach the night before. So we’re not sure we’d lay a price of -1115 that she’ll remember every word. Rather, the +572 price looks more attractive, if not the greatest of bargains.

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