2018 US Open Men’s Singles Tennis Betting Odds and Picks

2018 US Open Tennis Betting Odds and Expert Predictions

The 2018 US Open will be the last Grand Slam to have 32 seeds that will revert to 16 seeding format in 2019. However, as far as the best betting sites are concerned, the favorites to win are the proverbial usual suspects. In other words, you have your Djokovics, your Nadals, and your Federers. Also your Murrays and your Del Potros. As a matter of fact, every champion in the past ten years has a shot at winning again this year.

Novak Djokovic (3.75)

Djokovic is sort of like the LeBron James of the US Open. He has won the tournament just twice, in 2011 and 2015. However, he has been a fixture of the final match more than anyone else in recent history. He lost to Roger Federer in 2007, to Rafael Nadal in 2010, to Andy Murray in 2012, to Nadal again in 2013, and to Stan Wawrinka in 2016. Here’s a piece of advice; if Djokovic makes the final once again, bet against him. As a matter of fact, The Express considers it a “snub” to Federer and Nadal that the Djoker is the favorite to win the US Open. Then again, the Serb won his fourth Wimbledon Championship a month ago. And it was also a return to form, becoming his first title on the ATP tour in more than a year.

Rafael Nadal (4.50)

Nads has won the US Open three times. Including the most recent edition of the competition. That doesn’t necessarily bode well for the Spaniard. No champion has won back-to-back Opens since Roger Federer won five straight between 2004 and 2008. It would be quite the feat to repeat. Accordingly, the Nadster has taken some time off to prepare physically and, one would assume, mentally. Right after winning his fifth title of the year and fourth Rogers Cup in Toronto, Nadoo decided to skip the Western & Southern Open. “No other reason than personally taking care of my body and trying to keep as healthy as I feel now”, Nadal said.

Roger Federer (4.75)

As mentioned above, Federer has won five straight US Opens, but the last one was ten years ago. If he were to win one more, he’d break a threeway tie between himself, Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras for more wins in the Open era. The Fed, however, is not overflowing with self-confidence. “A 37-year-old actually should not be the favourite for the US Open,” Federer said. “I did not win the tournament for over ten years now, which means I did not play well enough.” Cheer up, Roger; you’re not the favorite. According to the best betting sites, Djokovic is. Federer may be feeling a bit down as a result of his shockingly early exit from Wimbledon. Though with that attitude he probably wasn’t surprised.

Alexander Zverev (9.00)

This is what we in the biz call a long shot. Or a dark horse, if you will. The upstart German is making a name for himself as the youngest player in the ATP top 10. Hopefully, that name will be better than Zverev. The offspring of Alexander Zverev Sr. is no stranger to pulling upsets, though. He beat Novak Djokovic in the final of the 2017 Italian Open, and defeated Roger Federer at the 2017 Canada Masters.

Other candidates to win include 2009 champion Juan Martin Del Potro (11.00), 2012 winner Andy Murray (15.00), and 2014 winner Marin Cilic (19.00). All odds taken from Intertops.eu.

Best betting sites pick: Djokovic loses more than wins in the US Open final. Nadal would have to become only the first repeat champion since 2008. And Federer seems to have become Marvin the Paranoid Android. By process of elimination, that leaves Zverev. Huh. Go figure.

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