2018 World Cup Best Sportsbooks and Betting Sites

2018 World Cup Betting Future Odds

If you like to make World Cup matches a little more interesting, these are the top online sportsbooks for you. Like the birthday of a person born on leap day, the global soccer tournament only rolls around every four years. If you were that person, you’d like to make the most out of each and every February 29th. You got to have your birthday week. Starts on a Friday. One full weekend, then four birthday weekdays, then we pound out one more weekend. Four brunches! Ugh, I miss brunch. Anyway, that’s just ten days. The World Cup is one whole month.

My BookieBet Now on this Race

How have the times changed. Back in the day, going to see my bookie meant something very different. It entailed a drive to a seedy area to see a fat guy with a comb-over in a dingy office. Nowadays, though, MyBookie.ag is as kosher as wagering gets. This website is staffed with “a meticulously hand-picked collection of the most experienced, highly skilled online gaming professionals in the industry.” That is a vast improvement over an overweight shyster with bad breath. They offer a wide array of bonuses, such as a 100% welcome bonus up to $1,000. They also feature fast payouts (1-2 days) and 24/7 customer service via phone, e-mail, and chat.

IntertopsBet Now on this Race

Intertops is a pioneer, a trailblazer, and a pathfinder. Guess who just got a new thesaurus. Seriously, though. This forebearer of top online sportsbooks was founded in 1983. That alone is a testament to its staying power. Even more impressive, it became the first betting site to accept wagers online in 1996. But let’s get to the meat and potatoes, as it were. Intertops offers a great variety of sign-up bonuses to new players. For example, an additional $200 is available to all new bettors from Canada and US. Provided they’re not from Louisiana, Maryland, Kentucky, Washington, New York, Missouri or New Jersey. Additionally, bettors can enjoy a 100% deposit bonus on every major sporting event around the betting year. Which this year obviously includes the World Cup.

BetAnySportsBet Now on this Race

There is something very intriguing about this one. They call it “reduced juice”. BetAnySports will let you place your bets on the day of an event while laying less “juice” or “vig” to the house. For instance, during football season, instead of betting a point spread and lay -110 (11-to-10), that number would be reduced to something like -105 or even lower. This applies to other sports too. Including, presumably, the World Cup.

GTBetsBet Now on this Race

It is said you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. GTBets.eu knows fully well that this wisdom serves top online sportsbooks well. Thus, they offer two different first deposit sign-up bonuses. The first one is a 100% bonus up to $250. The second is a 100% cash bonus up to $500. The initial deposit range varies from $35 and $1000. Furthermore, they provide several alternatives for depositing money, such as Visa or MasterCard, Skrill, DirectCash and QuickCash. Payouts are processed Monday through Friday. They offer QuickCash, DirectCash, Back2Card, bank wire and check by courier.

BetOnlineBet Now on this Race

This one has been in business for almost a decade and a half. That makes a solid option for those who have been with BetOnline for the long haul. Newcomers who are thinking about joining the fray in time for the World Cup might want to reconsider, though. BetOnline, somewhat counterintuitively, offers quality service and bonuses to loyal customers and little enticement to potential new customers. Whether this makes it the best online sportsbook or not so much probably depends on how long you’ve been with them.