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Betting Websites with American Express as a Deposit Method
  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • June 27th, 2018
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One of the best sportsbook betting tips about using American Express is, use American Express. AMEX has been around since 1850. Do you think cowboys used it in their poker games? Of course AMEX wasn’t a credit company way back then. Still, one could picture Wild Bill Hickcok betting an America Express traveler’s cheque, when strapped for cash. Somewhat ironically, though, it’s easier for people outside of America to use American Express. At least to fund a sportsbook account. But we’ll get to that in good time. As a matter of fact, we will touch on all of pros and cons of using AMEX.

List of Sportsbooks Accepting AMEX Deposits:

*Please visit the betting site for restrictions and details.

Pros & Cons for this Betting Deposit Method:


A company with such a long and rich history is in and of itself a seal of approval. Websites carrying an American Express logo are sure to be among the best online sportsbooks. AMEX handles approximately a quarter of the total dollar amount of credit card transactions in the US per year. It is also one of the 30 component companies of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And despite its name, American Express is an international corporation.

Likewise, AMEX-backed sportsbooks tend to offer some of the most varied action. They usually include sporting events from all across the world. Most folks won’t care for a cricket match in India. Indians will, though. And there are a lot of’em. And they’ll be glad they can use American Express to fund a betting account.

Americans, or at least people who live in America, may not be as glad, though. But let’s start with sportsbook betting tips for non-US residents. The best of which is, once again, use AMEX! It’s rather convenient and simple. Transfers are processed quicker than a hiccough, as good ol’ J.R. would say. Furthermore, American Express accommodates higher amounts than any other credit cards. As a result, it allows for much more flexibility.

One final pro is that American Express obligations must be paid the following month. Therefore, bettors will proceed with caution when it comes to much money they deposit. They won’t want to deposit more that they will be able to afford to pay back next month. Additionally, there usually is a deposit limit as well as fees set by sportsbook. This prevents bettors from making multiple deposits during the same week with an AMEX card.


As with all other credit cards, including Mastercard and Visa, US residents can’t just fund a sportsbook account with AMEX. There are several restrictions in place by the United States government. They sort of frown on gambling, an attitude that is only recently starting to change. There are loopholes, though.

One of those loopholes is to use an intermediary. Neteller, for instance. Neteller allows bettors to use an AMEX card to deposit money into a Neteller account. Then the bettor can send money from the Neteller account to their sportsbook account. Neteller of course doesn’t do this out of the kindness of its heart. Fee may and most likely will be involved.

In spite of being older, American Express is not as well-known as Visa or Mastercard. Thus, some sportsbooks may not accept it. And even those that do will only accept it as deposit and not as a withdrawal method. Bettors have to link their American Express card with an alternative option or a bank account in order to make a withdrawal.

Well, it can’t be all wine and roses. There must be some setbacks that make “don’t use AMEX” one of your sportsbook betting tips. It is up to you weigh in the pros against the cons and decide whether or not to use American Express as your deposit method.