2018 New York Giants NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFL Week 16 Odds

The New York Giants have a Shurmur of the Heart. Sadly, betting sites for NFL are probably not big fans of Louis Malle. The Giants hired Pat Shurmur in January to replace interim head coach Steve ‘Spanish Esteban’ Spagnuolo. Esteban, in turn, had been temporarily appointed to replace Ben McAdoo in 2017. The Giants future-endeavored […]


2018 Washington Redskins NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

NFL betting Cowboys vs Redskins Predictions

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” The arrival of Alex Smith hasn’t impressed the best NFL gambling sites, as far as Washington Redskins odds go. Could it be karma? The Skins signed Smith to a four-year contract. That’s a hell of a lot more commitment than they showed Kirk Cousins. As you’ll […]


2018 Baltimore Ravens NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

Baltimore Ravens 2018 NFL season betting odds, schedule, trends and expert predictions

Baltimore is defying NFL gambling sites. And pushing its luck. And tempting fate. Then again, Ravens have always been considered birds of ill omen. So it’s only fitting they signed that harbinger of doom known as Robert Griffin III. Which they did in April. Are the Ravens aware that the Browns released Griffin? That’s like […]


2018 Tennessee Titans NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

Tennessee Titans 2018 NFL Betting Odds, schedule and betting analysis

Sites for betting in the NFL accept no substitutes. The Tennessee Titans may be coached ‘the Patriot Way’ by a former Pats player. Moreover, they seem to be taking in former Patriots the way Impact Wrestling does former WWE Superstars. The Titans hired former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel as their new head coach in January. […]


2018 Detroit Lions NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Odds and analysis

The Lions hope some of Bill Belichick rubbed off on Matt Patricia, even if gambling sites for NFL think otherwise. Patricia plied several trades in 13 seasons with the Patriots. First, as offensive assistant. Second, as assistant offensive line coach. Third, as linebackers coach. Fourth, safeties coach. And finally, as defensive coordinator. But on 5 […]