How to Place a Parlay Bet

How Parlay Bets Work - Best Guide to Parlays in Sports Betting

If you want to learn how to bet on sports, you first learn about the straight wagers, it is easy to master, and not complicated for a single game. But let’s say that is a Sunday and the NFL regular season is in full swing. There is a type of wager that can help you […]


How to Make a Straight Bet

How to Make a Straight Bet 1

The very basic first type of wager on online sports betting is the straight bet, and before you know how to bet on sports, you need to grasp the concept on how to place a straight bet. Even though it sounds simple, there are a couple of ins and outs that you must grasp first […]


NBA Playoffs Preview: East Part 2

NBA Playoffs Preview: East Part 2 2

There is a very good chance that your favorite online sportsbook and other of your favorite sports betting sites might have a lot of interest on what might happen on the Eastern Conference of the NBA Playoffs. With all this attention the West has gotten, people might miss the fact that the Eastern Conference playoffs […]


Previewing the NBA Playoffs: East Part 1

Celtics vs Hawks - NBA Playoffs 2016

The NBA Playoffs are here and we have the insider’s look directly from the best sportsbooks experts to check for the upcoming games. While the West might be the most heralded series of this portion of the season, we are now focusing our attention to the East. The matchups happening of this conference are close […]


NBA Playoffs: Preview West Part 2

NBA Playoffs: Preview West Part 2 3

Finally we reach the most exciting time in the NBA season year: The Playoffs! US Sportsbooks anticipate one of the most thrilling competition in NBA history. Well, that is until the Finals are here. The Western Conference will have one of the toughest races to the Finals, with two of the most talented teams in […]